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Klagenfurt 1995

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Date: 16 July 1995

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 1 August 2002

3E-KV                 SA316B       HSSt2           *
3H-FK                 PC-7         PFS             *	also logged as 3H-FM
BJ40                  Saab 105Ö    FlRg2/1St
03, 04                J35Ö         FlRg2/1St fl.only
19                    J35Ö         FlRg2/2St
2409                  An-26        6ZDL
0006                  L-39MS       341vlt
0447                  L-39C        341vlt
0703, 0709            Mi-24V       331vrlt         *
4011                  Mi-24D       331vrlt         *
8077                  Su-25K       322tlt          *
9013                  Su-25K       322tlt
4624                  Tornado IDS  JBG32
4655                  Tornado ECR  JBG32
"84" blue             MiG-29UB     Zhukosvky (FRI) *
"598" white	      Su-27P	   TPS		   *
XX194/CO, XX193/CB    Hawk T1      100sq
XX729/EL              Jaguar GR1A  6sq
XZ355/FJ              Jaguar GR1A  41sq
ZD809/BA              Tornado GR1  14sq
ZD719/AD              Tornado GR1  9sq
84-0086               C-21A        76th ALS
68-10947              C-130E       37th AS         *
88-0413/AV '510FS'    F-16C        510th FS
88-0541/AV            F-16C        510th FS
164274/AJ-340         F/A-18C      VMFA-312
OE-KCD, OE-KSD	      Saab 91D
OE-KSS, OE-KSV	      Saab 91D
* = also flying

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