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Al Sakhir 2018

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Al Sakhir (Bahrain)

Bahrain Air Show 2018

15-18 November 2018

349 Bell 412EP 3rd Helicopter Squadron  
686 F-5E 6th TFS  
107 F-16C 1st TFS  
973, 974 AH-1F 5th Helicopter Squaron  
334 UH-60M 12th Helicopter Squadron  
505 Hawk Mk129 5th Squadron  
702 Hercules C5 7sq  
MM62194/46-60 C-130J-30 50º Grupppo TM  
90-0238/MO F-15E 366th FW  
91-0333/MO F-15E 366th FW  
162503/TB-21 MH-53E HM-15  
168579/HW-73 MH-60S HSC-26  
165312/WP-07 AV-8B+ II VMFA-223  
168661/YX-03 MV-22B VMM-166  
9K-AOH B777-300ER Kuwait Airways  
A6-DWE EMB500 Emirates Flight Training  
A6-EUV A380-842 Emirates Airline  
A6-FLQ DHC-8-402 Falcon Aviation Services  
A6-MPL EMB500 Etihad Flight College  
A9C-BDF BAe146-RJ85 Bahrain Amiri Flight  
A9C-DHP B767-281BD(SF) DHL Aviation ME  
A9C-FC B787-9 Gulf Air  
A9C-TA A320-251N Gulf Air  
D-AFAN CL-850 Rent-a-Jet AG  
F-HFDS Falcon 2000S Dassault AviatioN  
HZ-ARC B787-9 Saudi Arabian Airlines  
N393AG B737-76QFC Aerotec  
N411CJ Ce525a (CJ2+) On Time Aviation Corp  
N448CS Ce172S Private  
N505GD G500 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N650ER G650ER Gulfstream Aerospace  
N663MA AT-802 Private  
N714A Beech B350C Saudi Aramco  
N750XX CE750 On Time Aviation Corp  
N801XA B737-8AL(WL) Saudi Aramco  
N915AH AW139 Saudi Aramco  
OD-CXL EMB550 Cedar Executive  
OE-FMO Eclipse 550 Mali Air Luftverkehr GmbH  
RA-76649 IL-76MD Russian Air Force  
RA-89089 RRJ-95 Yamal Airlines  
Static public area:
303 Bell212 3rd Helicopter Squadron  
BPS2 Bell412EP Police  
1061 Bo105C 10th Helicopter Squadron  
ZJ947/947 Typhoon FGR4 41sq  
ZK344/344 Typhoon FGR4 41sq?  
3034, 3081 F-16E Shaheen sq  
758, 759 Mirage 2000-9 71/76/86SQ  
90-0830/SW F-16CM 20th FW  
91-0935/SW F-16CM 20th FW  
168620/YX-12 MV-22B VMM-166  
G-EXIL EA300S Global Stars Team  
G-EXTR EA260 Global Stars Team  
MM33AA/PAN(MLU) of 313ºGruppo/Frecce Tricolori:
MM54500/1, MM54517/2, MM55059/3, MM54053/4, MM55059/5, MM54538/6, MM55054/7,      
MM54514/8, MM54539/9, MM54505/10 and MM54510/0      
MB339NAT, of Al Fursan:
435, 436, 440/1, 439/2, 434/3, 437/4, 430/5, 442/6 and 441/7      
Su-30 of the Russian Knights:
RF-81702/31, RF-81703/32, RF-81704/33, RF-81705/34 and RF-81706/35      
Near ATC:
348 Bell 412EP 3rd Helicopter Squadron  
Flying only:
682, 683 F-5E 6th TFS 14, 15, 16
684 F-5E 6th TFS 14
687 F-5E 6th TFS 15, 16
103 F-16C 1st TFS 15, 16
109 F-16C 1st TFS 14
113 F-16C 1st TFS 14, 15, 16
115 F-16C 1st TFS 14, 15, 16
86-0124/DY B-1B 9th BS 14, 15
169414/CF-05 F-35B VMFA-211 14
169588/CF-03 F-35B VMFA-211 15
169589/CF-04 F-35B VMFA-211 16

The static was split into two parts – the main area where the trade, VIPs and Press have access to most of the aircraft and a public area around a kilometer away that only contained three helicopters, but had a view of the runway for the various flight displays. Around dusk those still remaining in the public area were allowed access into the trade area.

The display acts themselves were not so memorable as they were into sun from a photography perspective and contained nothing that couldn’t be seen at many of the European airshows. The F-5/F-16 formation did a single flypast and the B-1 and F-35 at least made three passes each. The Russian Knights as usual were the highlights with their mighty Su-30s able to dazzle the most seasoned of spectators, a class act with superbly skilled pilots. The Gulf Air A320NSL and the 787 each did a display that really only consisted of a flybys where they banked away from the crowd followed by a landing. Not much more than to wave a flag if you ask me....

This was my third Bahrain Airshow and from a mil perspective it is definitely the rule of diminishing returns – only one fast jet and five helicopters were previously unseen from all those on offer. Military highlight was my 720th Il-76/78 airframe. The ATR72 F-WWLE which had passed through Al Bateen only a couple of days earlier after a demo tour and visiting the Zuhai airshow, for some inexplicable reason was not present at this one having chosen to head back to TLS instead.

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