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Beauvechain 2002

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Date: 31 August/1 September 2002

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 8 February 2003

CN235, Iriash Air Corps
The Irish Air Corps operates two CN235s in a maritime role to guard the Irish coastline and keep a watch on the fishers. The 252 came to Beauvechain to take place in the static display.

Photo Sven de Bevere

B-48			Bo105CB		299sq         
Q-19	                AH-64D	        301sq         
0841	                Mi-17	        3 VrK/SlovakAF
ZA167/CU-822		S King HAS5U	771sq 
88-26038	        UH-60A		5-158th AVN   
M1/OT-ZPA	        SA316B	        40sm, spec mks

Main static:
29+07			MiG-29G		JG73                  
37+09	                F-4F	        LeZ F-4F      
46+20	                Tornado IDS	MFG2, spec mks
252	                CN235M		Mar Sq/1SW            
MM6762/37-02		F-104S-ASA-M	18°Gr     
MM6764/37-11	        F-104S-ASA-M	18°Gr     
MM62161		        P180AM		653ªSC            
LX-N90454	        E-3A	        NAEW&CF   
J-068		        F-16BM	        322sq     
15218, 15221	        Alpha Jet A	Esq103
C.15-68/12-26	        EF-18A+		Ala 12            
T.19B-03/35-21	        CN235EA02	Ala 35    
XX335/CR	        Hawk T1A	100sq     
XX112/EA, XX116/EO	Jaguar GR3A	6sq
XX484/CU-566		Jetstream T2	750sq
ZA560/BC	        Tornado GR4	14sq 
ZD744/FD	        Tornado GR4	12sq 
ZD848/AE	        Tornado GR4	9sq  
ZF170/170	        Tucano T1	1FTS 
81-0988/SP	        A-10A		81st FS      
86-0156/LN, 86-0163/LN	F-15C	        493rd FS
91-0301/LN, 91-0308/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS
AT01, AT03, AT22	Alpha Jet E	11sm
AT30, AT33		Alpha Jet E	11sm
B01/LA			BN-2A-21	SLV    
CE01	                ERJ135LR	21sm   
CH04	                C-130H		20sm           
FA47	                F-16A	        1sm, spec mks  
FA106	                F-16AM	        349sm, spec mks
H43	                A109HA	        17BnHATk       
MT26	                CM170	        11sm           
ST31	                SF260M	        5sm            
ST47, ST48		SF260D	        5sm            
On Sunday the Spanish Hornet had switched places with the Hornet on the flightline.

Inside maintenance hangar:
AT06, AT08, AT10	Alpha Jet E	11sm
AT11, AT14		Alpha Jet E	11sm
ST12, ST15, ST16	SF260M		5sm
ST19			SF260M		5sm, stripped down
ST20, ST26		SF260M		5sm

Small hangar:
ST46			SF260D		5sm

In VIP area:
A69, A77		SA318C		16BnHLn   
OO-LED		        SV-4E	        ex FAF 388
OO-LEE		        SV-4E	        ex FAF 99 
RA-44536		Yak-18T		ex DOSAAF

Other static exhibitions:
MM81344/15-32		HH-3F		15°St
A37			SE3130		wfu                
AT02	                Alpha Jet E	11sm       
FA122	                F-16AM		31sm, tiger mks    
FX94	                F-104G	        21 Log W           
G03	                Ce182R	        Fed Politie        
H09	                A109HO	        18BnHATk           
LB05	                L-21B	        Luchtkadetten      
MT49	                CM170	        21 Log Wing, blue c/s
(PL)68	                ASW19	        Luchtkadetten      
RA-01453		Yak-52		ex DOSAAF

R91/61-ZI		C-160R		ET03.061	1st only
76/33-FI, 83/33-FO	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
514/33-FZ		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
50, 62			Sup Etendard	11F   
29+20	                MiG-29G		JG73, spec mks
37+29	                F-4F		LeZ F-4F      
44+62			Tornado IDS	JBG31 (JBG32 mks)
44+92			Tornado IDS	JBG31
MM62152/RS-45		G222TCM		311°Gruppo RSV
L-12			PC-7		131EMVOsq
C.15-70/12-28		EF-18A+		Ala 12
AT18			Alpha Jet E	11sm, spec mks
AT20, AT21, AT24	Alpha Jet E	11sm
AT26			Alpha Jet E	11sm, spec mks
AT27, AT28, AT29	Alpha Jet E	11sm
FA103			F-16AM		nb
FA104/FS		F-16AM		2w                       
G14		        MD520N		Fed Politie	31st only
H13, H14	        A109HO		SLV                      
MT13, MT34	        CM170		11sm                     
MT14		        CM170		11sm, spec mks           
MT37, MT40, MT48	CM170		11sm
RS02			Sea King Mk48	40sm
ST03, ST17, ST22	SF260M		5sm
ST30, ST32, ST35	SF260M		5sm
PH-OUQ			Spitfire Mk9	as "MK732/3W-17"

And the Patrouille Suisse with the following F-5E Tigers:
J-3082	J-3083	J-3084	J-3085	J-3087	J-3090	J-3091

And on Sunday the Patrouille de France was also attending the show
with codes 0-9 (E122/5 among them) and E162 without code.

Maintenance hangar:
AT19, AT25, AT31	Alpha Jet E	11sm

Maintenance hangar:
ST02, ST18, ST24	SF260M		5sm
ST25, ST27, ST34	SF260M		5sm
ST36			SF260M		5sm
ST41, ST43, ST44	SF260D		5sm

SF260 shelter:
ST04, ST06, ST23	SF260M		5sm
ST40, ST42, ST45	SF260D		5sm

Inside shelter:
AT12, AT17, AT32	Alpha Jet E	11sm

Helicopter flightline:
35/CD			CAP232		EPAA20.300        
207/BF	                Jodel D140E	SAVV21.535
159/ABU	                TBM-700		EAAT              
0813	                Mi-24V		3 VrK/SlovakAF    
HE.24-06/78-06		S-76C		781 Esc
XZ698/EX-420		Lynx HMA8	815sq
G11			MD900		Fed Politie	1st only
H08			A109HO		18BnHATk

Museum area:
96+35			Mi-24D		preserved
BR10			Mirage 5BR	pres, 42sm mks
EG79 "EG80/SV-J"	Meteor F8	pres, 4sm mks
(IF65)			Hunter F6	std on trailer
FA113	                F-16A		preserved             
FR32	                RF-84F	        preserved         
FX04	                F-104G	        pres, 22sm mks    
FX47	                F-104G	        under restauration
ST11	                SF260M	        preserved         

Museum storage:
FX69			F-104G		tail only
ID26/JE-P/O		Hunter F4	dumped in parts
ID16 "IF83/OV-K/P"	Hunter F4	dumped in parts

Paint shop:
AT13			Alpha Jet E	11sm

Elsewhere far side:
MM62164			P180AM		311°Gruppo RSV
FT24			T-33A		preserved
G05			BN-2T		stored

CE04			ERJ145LR	21sm
CH03			C-130H		20sm		1st only
CH05, CH08		C-130H		20sm

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