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Bierset 1987

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Date: 24 May 1987

Made by: Willy Metze


 3        BA03        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
22        BA22        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
39        BA39        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
203       BD03        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
312       BR12        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL
212       BD12        MIRAGE VBD                   2EME WG/2SMALDEEL
80- 3590  FB15        F-16B                        10EME WG/OCF
AT08      AT08        ALPHA JET                    O&TW/11SMALDEEL
CF05      CF05        MERLIN III                   15EME WG/21SMALDEEL
10-29     ST29        SF260W                       EVE
WA        RS03        SEA KING                     40SMALDEEL
EG244     EG244       METEOR F.8                   U
49- 3     FZ153       F-84G                        3EME WG
51-       FU156       F-84F                        3EME WG
51-       FR32        RF-84F                       3EME WG/42SMALDEEL
270       MT13        CM170                        O&TW/7/9SMALDEEL
260       MT03        CM170                        O&TW/7/9SMALDEEL
ZA473     FM          TORNADO GR.1                 NO.16 SQN
XV591     BM          PHANTOM FG.1                 NO.111 SQN
XZ111     31          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN
XR727     AB          LIGHTNING F.6                NO.5 SQN
XW366     75          JET PROVOST T.5A             NO.1 FTS
ZA682     BN          CHINOOK HC.1                 NO.18 SQN
XZ291                 GAZELLE AH.1                 12 FLIGHT/AAC
GS173     45+25       TORNADO                      JABOG33
          40+23       ALPHA JET                    JABOG49
K4001                 NF-5B                        NO.313 SQN
S.238     B38         BO105                        NO.299 SQN
1227      A227        SA316                        NO.298 SQN
188734    734         CF188A                       1.CAG/439 SQN
133345    345         CT133                        1.CAG/GTTF
MM6567    3-02        F-104G                       3STORMO/28GRUPPO
A 65      7-IO        JAGUAR A                     EC3/7 LANGUEDOC
71- 0884  LN          F-111F                       48TFW/495TFS
TE12B-41  792-4       C212-E1                      AA/ESC.792
 4        BA04        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
 5        BA05        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
 8        BA08        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
10        BA10        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
15        BA15        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
18        BA18        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
26        BA26        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
27        BA27        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
31        BA31        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
33        BA33        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
42        BA42        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
44        BA44        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
45        BA45        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
46        BA46        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
48        BA48        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
53        BA53        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
54        BA54        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
60        BA60        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
62        BA62        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
63        BA63        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
201       BD01        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
203       BD03        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
207       BD07        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
211       BD11        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL
213       BD13        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL
80- 3543  FA52        F-16A                        1ER WG/350SMALDEEL
80- 3544  FA53        F-16A                        1ER WG/350SMALDEEL
          AT22        ALPHA JET                    O&TW/11SMALDEEL
71- 1798  CH02        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL
B06       LF          BN2A                         SLV
B07       LG          BN2A                         SLV
73- 0708  LN          F-111F                       48TFW/495TFS
80- 0147  WR          A-10A                        81TFW/510TFS
80- 0279  WR          A-10A                        81TFW/510TFS
81- 0961  WR          A-10A                        81TFW/91TFS
81- 0984  WR          A-10A                        81TFW/91TFS
43+64                 TORNADO                      MFG1
53        13-PC       MIRAGE M5F                   EC2/13 ALPES
31        13-PK       MIRAGE M5F                   EC2/13 ALPES
44        13-PR       MIRAGE M5F                   EC2/13 ALPES
E173      1  RP       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E 52      2  RB       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E156      3  RG       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E171      4  RN       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E 53      4  RC       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E         6  R.       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E         7  R.       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
E 61      8  RJ       ALPHA JET                    GI312-PDF
F1        61-MA       C160D                        ET1/61 TOURAINE
XV191                 HERCULES                     LY.TAC.WG.
XX489     CU575       JETSTREAM                    NO.750 SQN RN
XV651     131         SEA KING HAS.5               NO.826 SQN RN
XW853     CU53        GAZELLE HT.2                 NO.705 SQN RN
XX446     CU57        GAZELLE HT.2                 NO.705 SQN RN
TE12B-48  35-11       C212E1                       ALA35/ESC.352
E25-03    79-03       C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
E25-19    79-19       C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
E25-22    79-22       C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
E25-23    793-23      C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
E25-26    793-26      C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
E25-30    793-30      C101EB                       AA/ESC.793
188747    747         CF188A                       1.CAG/421 SQN
LX-N90458             E-3A                         NAEWS
1105      E (YE)      S105OE                       1.JABOWG
          M3          SA316                        40SMALDEEL
          A44         SA315                        SLV
G02                   PUMA                         RIJKSWACHT

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