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Bierset 1998

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Date: 23/24 May 1998

Made by: Marcel van Beek


H-04                A.109HO           17 BnHATk 
H-18                A.109HO           18 BnHATk 
H-27                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-38                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
H-45                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
AT-29               Alpha Jet         1 Wing 
B-02/LB             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
B-07/LG             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
B-10/LJ             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
FA-50               F-16A             nb 
M2/OT-ZPB           SA.316B           40 Sm 
A-37                SA.318            wfu    UN c/s 
A-22                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-42                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-69                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-77                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
ST-17               SF.260MB          5 Sm/1 Wing 
86+84               Bo.105P           HFR-16 
84+79               CH-53G            HFR-15 
70+92               UH-1D             nn 
72+94               UH-1D             HFR-6 
1007                Mi-14PL           2 DLMW 
S-444               AS.532U2          300 Sqn 
B-39                Bo.105CB          299 Sqn 
XR525/G             Wessex HC.2       60 Sqn 

H-05                A.109HO           17 BnHATk 
H-09                A.109HO           18 BnHATk 
H-19                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
B-08/LH             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
B-09/LI             BN-2B             16 BnHLn 
MT-36               CM.170            33 Sm/1 Wing 
A-43                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-44                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-49                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-50                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-53                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-59                SA.318C           16 BnHLn   UN c/s 
A-62                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-73                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 

B-03/LC             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
B-11/LK             BN-2A             16 BnHLn 
H-08                A.109HO           18 BnHATk 
H-17                A.109HO           17 BnHATk 
H-29                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-30                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-31                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-32                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-34                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
H-36                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
H-37                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
H-39                A.109HA           18 BnHATk 
H-43                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
H-46                A.109HA           17 BnHATk 
A-65                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-80                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 
A-81                SA.318C           16 BnHLn 

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