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Bierset 2000

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Date: 3/4 June 2000

Made by: Scramble, Alex Smit, Marcel Hund


AB212AM, Italian Army
One of the more interesting helicopters attending this year's edition of the annual Bierset event was this Italian AB212AM with serial MM81152/51-73 of the Esercito.

Photo Andrew Bates

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8434			CH-53G		HFR-35       
(9635)		        Mi-24D		Weelde store 
5391/67-VA	        AS355N		EH02.067     
269		        Lynx HAS2(FN)	31F  
MM81152/51-73	        AB212AM		651┬║SC       
B-70		        Bo105CB		299sq        
S-450		        AS532U2		300sq        
269		        SH-14D		MARHELI      
HD.21-12	        AS332B		Esc803       
ZH827		        Merlin HMA1	700sq
ZA130/824		Sea King HAS5	771sq		
74-22368, 74-22513	UH-1H		HQmUSEUCOM  
A49, A69		SA318C	        16BnHLn     
B4/OT-ZKD	        HSS-1	        Weelde store
B02/LB, 	        B08/LH	        BN2A-21	SLV 
G14		        MD520	        Rijkswacht  
H13		        A109HO	        SLV         
H28, H39	        A109HA	        18BnHATk    
H42			A109HA	        17BnHATk    
M2/OT-ZPB		Alouette 3	40sm
D-HELP			AS350B                    
D-HENG	                MD500D		Tessag/ACC        
D-HHMC	                MD500E                    
D-HIBC	                MD902		Air Lloyd         
D-HLUX	                MD500N		Hahn Helicopters  
F-BGSM			Do27A4		ex 5763
F-BXXD	                B47-G2                    
F-GULF	                EC120B		Eurocopter        
G-BXPY	                R44		Air Technology    
I-LIOI	                EH-101U		EH Industries     
OO-COP	                AB206A		Publi-Air         
OO-DLM	                HS269C		Kempische Bouwmat.
OO-HBU			CeF172N		Landmacht Aeroclub
OO-HOP	                B206B		Publi-Air         
OO-LGB	                L-18C		'L-156'           
OO-SPG	                L-18C		'OL-L47'          
OO-SPQ	                L-18C		ex L-44           
OO-SPU			CeU206G
OO-TTD	                AS350B                    

Static hangars:
A37			SE3130		nn      
H20 	                A109HA		18BnHATk
H34	                A109HA		17BnHATk

8012			Bo105M		HFWS        
RS02	                Sea King Mk48	40sm
A12	                SE3130		nn          
A42, A53, A62, A73, A80	SA318C		16BnHLn
H14 			A109HO		SLV     
H18	                A109HO		18BnHATk
H27	                A109HA		18BnHATk

Halfway between BN2 shelter and static:
A77			SA318C		16BnHLn

Outside BN2 shelter:
B03/LC, B07/LG, B09/LI	BN2A-21		SLV

Inside shelter at flightline:
H12			A109HO		SLV     
H25			A109HA	        18BnHATk
Hangars/Shelter area:                    
A68			SA318C	        16BnHLn 
H02, H06, H17		A109AHO	        17BnHATk
H21, H29, H31		A109HA	        18BnHATk
H33, H37, H40		A109HA	        18BnHATk

Large overhaul hangar (front side/right bay):
A43, A44, A50 +1	SA318C		16BnHLn 
H08			A109HO	        18BnHATk
H23, H35		A109HA	        17BnHATk

Large overhaul hangar (front side/left bay):
H01			A109HO		SLV     
H09, H10, H16		A109HO	        18BnHATk
H38			A109HA	        17BnHATk

Large overhaul hangar (back side):
A22			SE3130		16BnHLn
A74, A78		SA318C		SLV

Gate guard:
A34			SE3130		preserved

Agusta hangar (TNT side of field):
OO-AHE			A109
OO-WGW			A109C

A66			SA318C		SLV
OO-DMT			R44		Hörmann
OO-VCI			AB206B		Publi-Air
RA-64021		Tu-204C		Aviarep

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