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Bierset 2002

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Date: 1/2 June 2002

Made by:

Updated: 3 November 2002

H-205			H500M		OBSHLKmp
P-234			AS550C2		PVHKmp
S-191			S Lynx Mk90B	Søv Fl
70+72			UH-1D		LTG61
83+26			S Lynx Mk88A	MFG3
86+81, 87+66		Bo105P		HFR36
2041/67-ED		Alouette 3	EH03.067
627			LynxHAS2(FN)	34F	*
10440, 10443		Mi-8T		89VSE
MM81148			B212AM		SAR Linate
MM81249/E.I.872		A109EOA-2	27°gr.sq.c.A.
MM81413/E.I.943		A129A		49°gr.sq.c.A.
D-101			CH-47D		298 sq
Q-19			AH-64DN		301 sq
S-458			AS532U2		300 sq, SFOR mks
269			SH-14D		MARHELI
5D-HP			AB212		FlRgt 1/1
3C-OK			OH-58B		FlRgt 1/3, spec. c/s
1011			Mi-14PL		2DLMW
0501			W-3RL		2ELTL
ZJ135/T			Merlin HC3	28sq	*
ZH543			S King HAR3A	22 sq/A Flt
87-24584		UH-60A		357th AvnDet
T-321			AS332M-1	nb	*
A22			SE3130		16BnHLn
A37			SE3130		wfu
A47, A68, A73		SA318C		16BnHLn
B02/LB			BN-2A-21	SLV
B07/LG			BN-2B-21	16BnHLn
G11			MD900		Federale Politie, 31st only
G12			MD900		Federale Politie
H13			A109HO		SLV
H35, H37, H44		A109HA		17BnHATk
M2/OT-ZPB		SA316B		40sm
ST42			SF260D		5sm                      
D-HAHN	                AS350B2	        Hahn Helicopters 
D-HLTL	                EC155B	        BGS              
D-HSPO	                MD500	        nn               
D-HUBY	                R44	        Accentura        
D-HVBK	                EC135T1	        BGS              
N129EW	                PA-28R-200	nn               
OO-ACR	                AB206		Alpha Air        
OO-ECB	                EC120B		NHV                      
OO-EIR	                SV-4B	        ex/as BAF V4     
OO-LED	                SV-4E	        ex FAF 388	*
OO-LEE	                SV-4C	        ex FAF 99	*
OO-MDP	                H300C	        nn               
OO-KBT	                Bell 212	nn               
OO-PDP	                Schw269D	Crown Helicopters
OO-SPG	                L-18C		ex BAF OL-L47	*        
OO-SPQ	                L-18C	        ex BAF L44       
OO-WLA	                H300C	        Antwerperheli    
RA-06021		Mi-26		Sky Tech
"327"			NH90		NH Ind, mock up?
* = also flying

Inside hangar:
H28			A109HA		18BnHATk

Inside VIP-tent:
H25			A109HA		18BnHATk

80+07			Bo105M		HFWS
XZ257/640		Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZD254/LA		Lynx HAS3S	702sq
A49, A59, A62		SA318C		16BnHLn, Blue Bees
A69, A77		SA318C		16BnHLn, Blue Bees
A75			SA318C		16BnHLn
B03/LC			BN-2B-21	SLV
B08/LH			BN-2A-21	16BnHLn
H14			A109HO		nn
H23, H36		A109HA		17BnHATk
H26			A109HA		18BnHATk
RS04			SeaKing Mk48	40sm
F-GLLR			PA-32-300	nn	2nd only

Hangar near flightlines:
H05			A109HO		nn	31st only

Shelter area:
96+35			Mi-24		preserved
A57			SA318C		16BnHLn, Sunday on static.
H08			A109HO		nn	1st only
H41			A109HA		nn	31st only

Civil platform:
H09			A109HO		nb, Red Cross mks

Agusta Maintenance Center:
S5-HPA			AB412		Slovenia Police

A34			SA3130		preserved, gate

Large maintenance hangar:
H01, H06, H16		A109HO		nn
H17, H18		A109HO		nn
H29, H30, H31, H38	A109HA		nn
H39, H40, H46		A109HA		nn
A53, A74 +1		SA318C		nn
A65			SA318C		nn, 31st only
B01/L			BN-2A-21	SLV
B09/LI			BN-2B-21	16BnHLn

Hangar near entrance:
H11			A109HO		nn
H21, H22, H24		A109HA		nn

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