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Bierset 2005

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Date: 5 June 2005

Made by: John Dyer, Vic Stoneham, John van Golen, Brian Rodgers, Robert Weenink


86+66			Bo105P1			HFVS910                    
87+13, 87+14		Bo105P	                KHR36                      
82+60			EC135T1	                HFWS                       
70+51	                UH-1D	                LTG61                      
72+00	                UH-1D	                HFWS                       
106/12-KF		Mirage 2000C	        EC02.012                   
529/12-KJ	        Mirage 2000B	        EC02.012                   
4119/CWU	        SA342M		        1RHC                       
2443/CYC	        AS532UL		        1RHC                       
5397/VE			AS555AN		        ETOM00.058                 
623	                LynxHAS2(FN)	        34F                        
247	                SA365F		        301sq/IAC                  
Q-19	                AH-64D	                302sq                      
S-457	                AS532U2	                300sq                      
281	                SH-14D	                MARHELI                    
3C-OK	                OH-58B	                FlRgt 1		spec mks   
5D-HO	                AB212	                FlRgt 3                    
H2-32	                Bell 412HP	        15BRVL                     
7353	                Mi-24V		        231.vrl		tiger mks  
ZJ241/L	                Griffin HT1	        60(R)sq/SARTU              
ZJ127/L	                Merlin HC3	        28sq		also flying
XW229	                Puma HC1	        33sq                       
ZD636/CU-182		S King ASAC7	        849sq                      
ZJ139			Twin Squirrel HCC1	32(TR)sq
87-24583		UH-60A(C)		Shape Flt Det.             
A22			SE3130		        16sq MRH                   
A43, A49		SA318C	                SLV                        
A47, A62		SA318C	                16sq MRH                   
AT25			Alpha Jet 1B+	        11sm                       
B11/LK	                BN-2B-21	        std                        
CE04	                ERJ145LR	        21sm                       
FA89	                F-16AM		        nb                         
G11	                MD900	                Federale Politie           
G14	                MD520N	                Federale Politie           
H02	                A109BA	                18sq MRH	medevac    
H11, H25, H26, H27, H29	A109BA	                18sq MRH                   
(H16)			A109BA	                wfu?		spec mks   
H33, H37		A109BA	                18sq MRH                   
H41			A109BA	                SLV                        
H46			A109BA	                17sq MRH                   
M2/OT-ZPB		SA316B	                40sm                       
MT35			CM170	                1w                         
PL71	                Grob G102	        Luchtcadetten              
RS04	                Sea King Mk48	        40sm		also flying        
ST44	                SF260D		        5sm		spec mks           
D-HRIK	                EC120B	                Heli Transair              
D-HVBX	                EC135T2	                BGS                        
F-GFFU	                AS350BA	                Helitel                    
F-ZBAD	                AS355F2	                Douanes                    
N263CP	                EC120B	                Cannon Aviation            
N480RS	                Enstrom 480		Schuybroek Aviation
N511VA	                MD600N	                Southern Aircraft          
OO-ASM	                SA316B	                ex Swiss V-66              
OO-DLM	                Hu269C	                Crown Helicopters          
OO-MDD	                Schw269C                           
OO-TAR	                BAe146-200QT		TNT Airways        
OO-FBL	                AB47G-2		        ex France 111      
OO-LER	                Bell 206B-2	        Heli-Promotions  
PH-EVR	                EC120B		        Coolen-Huijbregts  
RA-06021		Mi-26		        Skytech          

H06			A109BA			17sq MRH	medevac
OO-LKV			AS350B			nn

Q-24			AH-64D			302sq
ZA707			Chinook HC2		27sq
XX403, XZ338		Gazelle AH1		671sq/Blue Eagles
XZ349, ZB673		Gazelle AH1		671sq/Blue Eagles
XZ652/T			Lynx AH7		671sq/Blue Eagles
A59			SA318C			16sq MRH
H01, H42		A109BA			SLV
H05, H38		A109BA			17sq MRH
CH09			C-130H			20sm		para

FA83, FA92, FA103	F-16AM			2w		5th
FA108, FA115, FA126	F-16AM			2w		4th
FA130			F-16AM			2w		4th, 5th

Pleasure flights:
A50, A57		SA318C			16sq MRH         
H20, H21		A109BA	                18sq MRH         
H24			A109BA	                17sq MRH         
OO-EYP, OO-HPP		EC120B	                Crown Helicopters
OO-KBT			Bell 206L		Airborne Helicopters
PH-WRW			EC120B			Helicon

H08, H22, H30, H32	A109BA			nn
H35, H36, H40, H43	A109BA			nn

Platform in front of hangar:
A66			SA318C			SLV

A34			SE3130			preserved gate

Civil terminal:
EC-GNZ			B737-4Y0		Futura		2x in&out
SP-FDT			An-26B			Exin

Cargo apron:
ER-AXY			An-12			Asterias/ACS
N715CK			B747-209BF		Kalitta Air          
OO-TAE, OO-TAK		BAe146-200QT	        TNT Airways	cargo
TF-FIG			B757-23APF	        Icelandair           

TNT apron:
EC-FVY, EC-FZE		BAe146-200QT		Panair/TNT Express  
EC-HDH			BAe146-200QT	        Panair/TNT Express  
G-CEXK	                A300B4-103F	        Channel Express     
G-LOFB	                L-188CF		        Atlantic Airlines   
HB-VMV	                Ce560		        Sonnig Air          
OE-ILA	                L-188AF		        Amerer Air          
OO-TNA, OO-TNB		B737-3T0F	        TNT Airways         
OO-TNC	                B737-301	        TNT Airways         
OO-TND	                B737-301F	        TNT Airways         
OO-TAA, OO-TAJ		BAe146-300QT	        TNT Airways         
OO-TAS			BAe146-300QT	        TNT Airways         
SU-EAG			Tu-204-120C	        Cairo Aviation Cargo
SU-EAJ			Tu-204-120C	        TNT Airways         

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