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Chievres 1986

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Chiévres Open House
Date: 28-29 June 1986
Made by: Martin Herbert, Stephan vd Krommenacker
Updated:  12 January 2016
AT-05 Alpha Jet 1B 9w  
B-06/LF BN-2A 16sm  
BA39 Mirage 5BA 1sm  
37+22 F-4F JBG35  
67-0174 C-5A 436st MAW  
68-0590/ZR RF-4C 38th TRS  
74-0184/LN F-111F 494th TFS  
80-0022/BT F-15C 22nd TFS  
80-0208/WR A-10A 509th TFS  
81-0949/TJ F-16A 613nd TFS  
82-0977/TJ F-16A 613th TFS  
84-0468 C-23A 10th MAS  
80-23377 RC-12D 1st MIB  
67-15452 AH-1S 8 Avn  
68-15849 CH-47C 295th AvCo  
66-16513 UH-1H 63rd MedDet  
81-23593 UH-60A 48th AvCo  
62-5856 OV-1D 63rd CIC  
157321/LQ-6 P-3C VP-56  
LX-N90450 E-3A NAEWF  
MM54493/37 MB-339A SVBIA  
MM7044/36-42 Tornado IDS 36°St  
ZA448/EB Tornado GR1 15sq  
132001 CC-132 412sq  
58+72 DO-28D AG51  
35+12 RF-4E AG51  
35+22 RF-4E AG51  
35+25 RF-4E AG51  
35+33 RF-4E AG51  
35+40 RF-4E AG51  
C-8 F-27M 334sq  
64-0550 C-130E 37nd TAS  
80-0009/BT F-15C 22nd TFS  
80-0005/BT F-15C 22nd TFS  
80-0010/BT F-15C 22nd TFS  
74-0185/LN F-111F 494th TFS  
64-17980 SR-71A 9th SRW *
81-0986/WR A-10A 511th TFS  
86-0027 KC-10A 68th ARG *
XW769/A Harrier GR3 4sq wreck cr 28 June  
ZD741/GT Tornado GR1T 20sq  
1x C-160D nn  
1x Alpha Jet 1B 9w  
G-02 SA-330C Rijkswacht  
WV701 Pembroke C1 60sq  
69-15608 UH-1H 357th AvDet  
Civil aircraft:
OO-NOR/335 Sk50B ex RNorAF  
FU-33 F-84F Decoy  


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