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Florennes 1975

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Date: 21 June 1975

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 1999

S65             5L-MB                     Austrian AF 
S105            'I' (yellow)              Austrian AF 
                'E' (red)                 Austrian AF 
SF-260          ST02,03,04,05,06 
F-104           FX08,09,10,21,24 
CM-170          MT49 
Mirage 5BR      BR18,20,22 
Mirage 5BA      BA05,51,59 
Mirage 5BD      BD02 
S58             B5/OT-ZKE,B10/OT-ZKK 
Pembroke        RM6/OT-ZAF 
C-47            K10/OT-CWE 
T-33            FT-28 
C-130H          CH-01,CH-08 
Allouette 2     A24,45,46,49,50           Blue Bees 
                A64,75,77,79              Blue Bees 
Stampe          V62,T24 
Camel           D5747 
Meteor          EG-247/RB-2 
F-84            FU-152 
Hunter          ID-44 
Hurricane       ...../ML-B                                    probably LF658 (as 'LF345') 
Mirage F1       014/30-MP                 FAF, EC2/30 
N2501           157/62-KS                 FAF 
Jaguar A        A40/7-HD                  FAF, EC1/7 
                A25/7-H.                  FAF, EC1/7 
SA321           164                       FN 
Do28D           58+72                     WGAF 
                58+97                     WGAF, AKG-51 
UH-1D           70+86                     WGAF 
RF-4E           35+18                     WGAF, AKG-52 
C-160D          50+97                     WGAF, LTG-63 
G91             32+08                     WGAF, LKG-41 
G91PAN          MM6241/2,MM6243/10        IAF, Frecce Tricolori 
                MM6251/9,MM6261/14        IAF, Frecce Tricolori 
                MM6301/.,MM6310/.         IAF, Frecce Tricolori 
                MM6311/8,MM6314/5         IAF, Frecce Tricolori 
G91T            MM54392/SA-92             IAF 
NF-5A           K-3072                    RNLAF, 316sq 
Lancaster       PA474/KM-B                RAF, BoBMF 
Spitfire        PM631/QJ-J                RAF, BoBMF 
Hurricane       LF363/LE-D                RAF, BoBMF 
Jaguar          XX759                     RAF, 14sq 
Harrier         XW766/E                   RAF, 3sq 
Sea King        XV661/PW-305              RN 
F-4E            69-7558/BT                USAF 
F-111E          68-0031/UH                USAF 
C-130           63-7778                   USAF 
F-16A           72-1567                   USAF 
RF-4C           67-0464                   USAF 
Skyvan          916                       Oman AF 

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