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Florennes 1997

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Date: 6 September 1997

Made by: Michaƫl Storari, Scramble, Keith, Carlo Steegs

Updated: 14 June 2005

AT03            ALPHA JET       1W		spec c/s 
CH-09           C-130H          20sm sm		spec c/s
FA88            F-16A           350sm
FA107           F-16A           no mks 
FA110           F-16A           1sm		spec c/s
FA115           F-16A           350sm		spec c/s
FA132           F-16A           no mks 		in shelter
FB01            F-16B           OCU 
MT40		CM170		33sm		spec c/s
ST30            SF-260          5sm
1523/AFJ        SA341F2         1EHAP/6RHC 
3853/AFR        SA342M          4EHAC/6RHC 
E30/7-PK        JAGUAR E        EC02.007 
514/2-FK        MIRAGE 2000B    EC02.002 
29+21           MIG-29          JG73 
38+10           F-4F            JG71 
44+32           TORNADO         JBG38 
45+45           TORNADO         MFG2 
MM62121/RS-46   G222TCM         311 Gr 
B-43            Bo105CB         299 Sqn 
S-447           AS532U2         300 Sqn 
15105           F-16A           201 Esq 
15117           F-16A           201 Esq 
XS728/E         DOMINIE T.1     55(R)Sqn 
XV651/599       SEA KING HAS5   706 Sqn 
XX250/CG        HAWK T.1        100 Sqn 
XX485/CU-567    JETSTREAM T.2   750 Sqn 
XX513/10        BULDOG          CFS 
ZF417           TUCANO T.1      1FTS 
81-0956/SP	A-10A		81FS
86-0147/LN      F-15C           493FS 
86-0167/LN      F-15C           493FS 
86-24554        UH-60A          		"Bandits" 
90-0251/LN      F-15E           492FS 
90-0257/LN      F-15E           492FS 

Flightlines/Shelter area:
AT25            ALPHA JET       1W		spec c/s
AT27            ALPHA JET       1W
FA70            F-16A           2sm
FA117           F-16A           no mks 
MT36		CM170		33sm		spec c/s
E24/7-PH        JAGUAR E        EC02.007 
28/2-FZ         MIRAGE 2000C    EC02.002 
215		CM170		1wing/IAC
216		CM170		1wing/IAC
217		CM170		1wing/IAC
218		CM170		1wing/IAC
220		CM170		1wing/IAC
MM7086/6-04     TORNADO IDS     154 Gr 
ZA321/B-58      TORNADO GR1     TTTE 
ZA322/B-50      TORNADO GR1     TTTE 

Hangar behind flightline:
FA104		F-16A		2sm/2W

Flightline taxiway:
ST21            SF-260          5sm/Swallows
ST32            SF-260          5sm/Swallows 
ST35            SF-260          5sm/Swallows
L-10            PC-7            EMVO 
L-12            PC-7            EMVO 
PM631/S		Spitfire XIX	BoBMF
XX540/15	Bulldog T1	CFS
XX698/9		Bulldog T1	CFS
ZA947/YS-DM	Dakota C3	BoBMF
ZF292           TUCANO T.1      1FTS 
ZF418           TUCANO T.1      1FTS 

Flightline West:
CS01		HS748-2A	21sm
RS01		Sea King Mk48	40sm
1066/ADU        SA330           7EHM/6RHCM 

Far side:
CH02		C-130H		20sm
R154/61-ZT      C-160R          ET00.061 
XV306		Hercules C1	LTW

Flying only:
G94		SA318C		Gendarmerie

Red Arrows (Hawk T1/T1A): 

Patrouille Suisse (F-5E): 

Patrouille de France (Alpha Jets E): 

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