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Florennes 2016

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Florennes (Belgium)

Belgian Air Force Days

25 June 2016

3H-FG PC-7 Lehrabteilung Fläche special colours
6070 L-159  
ET-198 F-16BM Esk 727/730  
1036/DAC SA330Ba 1RHC  
107/YV Emb121AA EAT00.319  
30+29 EF2000 TLG74 special colours
MM62220/46-83 C-27J 98º Gruppo TM  
LX-N90456 E-3A NAEW&CF  
D-667 CH-47D 298sq  
Q-24 AH-64DN 301sq  
013 C295M 13.el  
15118 F-16BM Esq201/301  
2818 L-410UVP-E20 2.DR  
1303 MiG-29UBS 1SL  
39829 JAS39D F17  
77-0288, 77-0296 F-4E-2020 171 Filo  
ZK331/BT Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
97-0219/LN, 98-0135/LN F-15E 492nd FS  
AT18 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sq/AJetS  
BA22 Mirage 5BA preserved  
CH09 C-130H 20sq  
CE04 ERJ145LR 21sq  
FA05 F-16A exhibit frame special colours
FA57 F-16AM n.m.  
FA71/FS F-16AM 2w  
FA77 F-16AM 31sq Tiger c/s  
FA129 F-16AM 350sq special colours
FA84 F-16AM nm  
FU50 F-84F preserved  
FU103 F-84F preserved as FU-66/YL-A  
G16 MD902 Federale Politie  
H16 A109BA exhibit frame special colours
H29 A109BA 1w special colours
M2 SA316B 40sq  
ST42 SF260D CC Air Yellow-red colours
ST44 SF260D CC Air grey colours
RN07 NH90-NFH 40sq  
F-BDXM MS505 “Luftwaffe 635”  
F-AZKN MS733 ex France 165  
G-AOJR Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WB756  
LY-FOU Yak-52    
N3458V Ce195 “07159” USAF marks  
OO-PAX SV4B ex Belgium V5  
OO-MON SV4C ex Belgium V30  
SP-YBK Bu133    
Flightline warbirds:
TE311/4D-V Spitfire LF.XVI BoBMF  
G-ASJV Spitfire LFIXc ex RAF MH434/MN-B  
N37WW T-28D ex USN 137777  
N2160M CM170 ex Belgium MT5  
N4109C “H-210” T-6G ex South Africa 7727  
OO-SVG SV4C ex Belgium V21  
OO-LUK SV4C ex Belgium V41  
OO-WIL SV4C ex Belgium V42  
OO-GWA SV4c as Belgium V66  
PH-VDF P-51 ex USAAF 44-72922  
Farside/flightlines South:
50+81 C-160D LTG-61  
FA.. F-16AM (inside hangar)  
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/patrouille de France:
E146/1, E114/2, E119/3, E79/4, E166/5, E45/6, E88/8, E85/9, E46/9      
Eastern Flightline/Flying:
3H-FC PC-7 Lehrabteilung Fläche  
9236 JAS39C special colours
E-008 F-16AM Esk 727/730 special colours
353/125-AM Mirage 2000N EC02.004 special colours
366/125-BC, 375/125-CL Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
115/4-IT, 142/4-GU Rafale C EC07.007  
MM7310/36-32 F-2000 936º GEA in HAS
504 F-16C 340 Mira  
523 F-16C 340 Mira special colours
Q-18 AH-64DN 301sq  
38, 115 MiG-29A 23.Blt  
3911 MiG-29AS 1 SL  
C.15-22/15-09 EF-18M Ala15  
C.15-37/15-24 EF-18M Ala15  
39262/262, 39289/289 JAS39C F17  
J-5004, J-5026 F/A-18C nb  
ZK352/BV Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
H27, H31 A109BA 1w  
FA98, FA101 F-16AM 2w  
FA123 F-16AM 10w special colours
FA128, FA133, FA136 F-16AM 2w  
FB21, FB22 F-16BM 2w  
RN05 NH90-TTH 1w  
SF260M+ of CC Air/Red devils:
ST15, ST23, ST34, ST36      
Hawk T1A/W^ of the Red Arrows:
XX177, XX219*, XX232, XX244, XX245      
XX278*, XX310^, XX311, XX322*, XX325      
Flying Only:
RN02 NH90-NFH 40sq 24
RN03 NH90-NFH 40sq 25
EC-406 A400M Airbus Military 24
Alpha Jet 1B+ of 11sq/AJetS:
AT10, AT11, AT12, AT15, AT19, AT22, AT28      

Update: 22 April 2023, Jean-François Petit; 10 November 2023, Mark Rourke

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