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Hechtel-Sanicole 1999

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Date: 1 August 1999

Made by: Marco Dirkx, Joop de Groot, Stefan Jongen


Chinook HC.2    ZA673   NT          RAF   27sqn 
As.532U2        S-459               KLu   300sqn 
Bö.105CB        B-48                KLu   299sqn 
UH-1H           69-15606            USEUCOM 
F-104           FX94                BLu   21 log wing 
Sea King Mk48   RS04                BLu   40 sm 
S-11            E1/OO-PCH 
S-11            E17/OO-MCH 
S-11            E26/OO-MSH 
P.149D          OO-MEV              ex Luftwaffe 90+39 
PA18-95         OO-FLW              ex ALAT  51-15562 
An-2            LY-TED              ex Soviet AF 17, c/n 1G235-51 
Yak-52          RA-01428            c/n 9010410 

Alpha Jet       AT-18               BLu   11sm 
F-16A           FA-124  BL          BLu   31sm 
Dakota C.3      ZA947   YS-H        RAF   BBMF 
Hercules C.1    XV191               RAF   LTW 
Merlin HM.1     ZH825               RN    700[M]sqn 
Pembroke C.1    WV740               RAF   60sqn        "G-BNPH" 
S.Harrier F/A.2 ZA175   126         RN    800sqn 
Sea King HAS.6  XV653   CU-13       RN    810sqn 
Spitfire LF.IXc MK732   OU-V        RAF                "G-HVDM" 
Spitfire PR.19  PM631   S           RAF   BBMF 
Tornado F.3     ZE292   AZ          RAF   56[R]sqn 
F-16C           88-0425 AV          USAF  555FS 
F-16D           90-0795 AV          USAF  555FS 
U-6A            S-9                 KLu   323sqn       "G-BUVF" 
TB-25N          (44-29507)          USAAF 
Alpha Jet E     E26     F-TER./4    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E81     F-TER./8    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E104    F-TER./6    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E121    F-TER./3    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E141    F-TER./5    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E151    F-TER./7    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E153    F-TER./1    AdlA  PdF 
Alpha Jet E     E158    F-TER./2    AdlA  PdF 

Spare and supporting aircraft at Kleine-Brogel: 
Alpha Jet E     E...    F-TER./0    AdlA  PdF          spare 
Alpha Jet E     E...    F-TER./9    AdlA  PdF          spare 
C-160R          R207    64-GG       AdlA  ET01.064/ET02.064 
Jaguar GR.3     XZ381               RAF   16[R]sqn 
L-29            (...)   3C-JVM      ... 
PC.7            L-11                KLu   131EMVOsqn 

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