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Kleine Brogel 1995

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Date: 10 September 1995

Made by: Frank Klaster, J. Moerman, Patrick Dirksen, Vernon

Updated: 30 November 2003

AT-03            ALPHA JET       9W, special c/s
AT-31            ALPHA JET       9 W, special c/s
CF-06            SA-226          21 SM 
CH-09            C-130H          20 SM 
CM-02            FALCON 20       21 SM 
CS-02            BAE748          21 SM 
FA-02            F-16A           N.B. 
FA-16            F-16A           N.B. 
FA-39            F-16A           N.B. 
FA-58            F-16A           N.B. 
FA-65            F-16A           - 
FA-66		 F-16A		 -
FA-67            F-16A           23 SM, special c/s
FA-71            F-16A           23 SM 
FA-78		 F-16A		 -
FA-82            F-16A           2 SM, nb
FA-86            F-16A           HANGAR 
FA-87		 F-16A		 -
FA-90            F-16A           31 SM 
FA-100           F-16A           349 SM 
FA-104           F-16A           2w/2sm 
FA-115           F-16A           10 W, 23 Sm spec c/s
FA-126           F-16A           N.B. 
FB-02		 F-16B		 -
FB-12            F-16B           2w/2sm 
FB-19            F-16B           N.B. 
FB-22            F-16B           N.B. 
FS-17/DM-B	 F-84G		 preserved gate
FU-66/RA-T   	 F-84F		 preserved gate
FX-86            F-104           preserved
FX-94		 F-104G		 preserved gate
H-34             A-109           B.L.A. 
H-46             A-109           B.L.A. 
MT-14            CM-170          9 W, 33 Sm spec c/s
MT-49            CM-170R         33 SM 
RS-01            SEAKING MK48    40 SM 
ST-12            SF-260MB        5 SM, special c/s
ST-22,35         SF-260          SWALLOWS demo c/s
FU-145/Z6-E      F-84F           PRESERVED 
FU-188/8S-N      F-84F           PRESERVED 
ET-022           F-16B           ESK 723 
ET-198           F-16B           ESK 723 
29+08            MIG-29          JG 73 
37+83            F-4F            JG 74 
43+82            TORNADO         AG 51 
46+22            TORNADO         MFG 2 
84+66            CH-53G          HFR 35 
E24/7-PL 	 JAGUAR E        EC2/7
E22/7-PI 	 JAGUAR E        EC2/7
024/CNA-MB       CN-235          3 BASE 
524/330-AZ       MIRAGE 2000B    EC 5/330 , special c/s
612/330-AX       MIRAGE 2000D    EC 5/330 
1017/ATA         SA-330          
1416/ANG         SA341F/M        7RHC, UN c/s
3863/AOR         SA-342M         7RHC
A06/61-ZB        C-160           ET 61 
MM6786/5-32      F-104S          5ST, 23Gr
MM6920/5-35      F-104S          5ST, 23Gr
MM7052/6-32      Tornado IDS     6 St, 102 Gr
B-67             BO-105C         299 SQN 
C-8              F-27-300        334 sq spec c/s
J-011            F-16A           315 SQN 
J-884            F-16B           315 SQN 
15250            ALPHA JET       301 ESQ 
15249            ALPHA JET       301 ESQ 
J-3038           F-5E            18 ST 
J-3064           F-5E            18 ST 
T-323            AS.532          Swiss Air Force
E37/F-TERI/1	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E97/F-TERL/2	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E105/F-TERF/3	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E106/F-TERJ/4	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E125/F-TERH/5	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E140/F-TERD/6	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E132/F-TERN/7	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E72/F-TERG/8	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E23/F-TERO/9	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E173/F-TERP/0	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
E141/F-TERA/-	 Alpha Jet	 Patrouille de France
023/12-023       C-160D          12 AHU, 221 Filo
6x               NF-5            132 Filo, Turkish Stars
XX516/C          BULLDOG T1      
XS729/G 	 DOMINIE T1      6 FTS
XX226            HAWK T1         74 SQN 
XX308            HAWK T1         RED ARROWS 
XX266            HAWK T1A        RED ARROWS 
XX237            HAWK T1         RED ARROWS 
XX294            HAWK T1         RED ARROWS 
XX227            HAWK T1A        RED ARROWS 
XX306            HAWK T1A        RED ARROWS 
XX292            HAWK T1         RED ARROWS 
XX253            HAWK T1A        RED ARROWS 
XX233            Hawk T.1        Red Arrows
XX264            Hawk T.1A       Red Arrows
XV306            HERCULES C1P    LTW 
XX496/D          JETSTREAM T1    45 SQN 
XW235 		 PUMA HC1        230sq
ZA393/BE         TORNADO GR1     14 SQN 
ZA560            TORNADO GR1     TTTE, black c/s
ZD847/CH         TORNADO GR1     17 SQN 
ZF406/406        TUCANO T1       1 FTS 
ZF446/446        TUCANO T1       6 FTS 
XR499/W 	 WESSEX HC2      72sq
XT601 		 WESSEX HC2      22sq
62-3561/D        KC-135R         351 ARS 
84-0025/SP       F-15C           53 FS/52 FW 
80-0052/SP       F-15C           53 FS/52 FW "52FW"
58-322/ZR	 RF-101		 BDRT
89-26153 	 UH-60A
87-0420/C        AH-64A          
S-9              DHC-2           
HA-ANI           AN-2
N1318N           PT-17           as US Army 207
N320SQ           B-25J           as HD346/NO-V
NL11T            P-51D           ex/as USAF 44-74425/OC-G
OO-DAF           AT-16           ex Klu B-84
OO-EBL           Viima 2         as Finnish Air Force VI-3
OO-FOR           AD-4NA          as French Navy 126965
OO-MOR           MS.315E         as French Air Force 279
OO-USN           A75N-1          as US Navy 744, ex 42-16532
OO-VMH           P.149D          ex LW 9016
CN-AB1/06	 CAP231		 Marche Verte
CN-ABJ/07	 CAP231		 Marche Verte
CN-ABM/22	 CAP231		 Marche Verte
CN-ABN/23	 CAP231		 Marche Verte
CN-ABO/24	 CAP231		 Marche Verte

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