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Kleine-Brogel 1999

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Date: 16 November 1999

Made by:

Updated: 21 April 2000

Spotters area:
AT28          Alpha Jet     1w               AFB 124          arr/dep 	dep 15:45 hrs
FA27/FS       F-16A         2w                                static
FA60          F-16AM        10w                               static	special mks
MT14          CM170         33sm             Abys 42          arr/dep	special mks
ST36          SF260M        5sm              Hardship 36      arr/dep	special mks
34            F-8P          12F              FNY 5643B        arr
39            F-8P          12F              FNY 5643A        arr
88/AL         N262D         ETE00.043        COTAM 3887       arr
59/CF         Mirage 4P     ERS01.091        Calot 25         arr
37+50         F-4F          JG72             GAF 3701         dep	dep 09:15 hrs to Hopsten
38+20         F-4F          JG72             GAF 3702B        arr
38+73         F-4F          JG72             GAF 3702A        arr
MM54251/4-34  TF-104G-M     20°Gr/4°St       I 4251A          arr
MM54558/4-46  TF-104G-M     20°Gr/4°St       I 4251B          arr

Overshoot/Touch & Go:
AT02          Alpha Jet     1w               AFB 139          t&g
AT29          Alpha Jet     1w               AFB 138          t&g
FA87          F-16A         nn (1sm)         Sting 11         o/s
44+30         Tornado IDS   JBG31            NO 52            t&g
44+31         Tornado IDS   JBG31            NO 26A/B         o/s	After t&g MT14
44+41         Tornado IDS   JBG31            NO 26A/B         o/s	After t&g MT14
44+75         Tornado IDS   JBG33                             t&g	Just before take off MT14
J-003         F-16AM        322sq            Nasty 4          o/s	From Pampa range
J-013         F-16AM        322sq            Nasty 3          o/s	From Pampa range
J-066         F-16BM        TG Klu           Diana            t&g	To Gilze-Rijen
J-261         F-16BM        313sq            Condor           o/s

FA56          F-16AM        nb (10w)         AL 02            flying	Scramble
FA57          F-16AM        nb (31sm)        Tiger 32/48      flying
FA58          F-16A         nb (10w)         Bigben 03        flying	To Gosselies
FA66/BL	      F-16A	    349 sm mks			      hangar
FA74          F-16AM        nb (23sm)        Devil 43         flying
FA75          F-16AM        nb (10w)         AFB 423B         flying
FA76          F-16AM        nb (10w)         AFB 423A         flying
FA78          F-16AM        nb (10w)         AL 01            flying	Scramble/tow
FA82          F-16A         nb (10w)                          ground	Towed in shelter-area
FA83          F-16A         nn (10w)                          ground	Near F-101B (seen from outside)
FA86	      F-16A	    nb (10w)			      flying
FA93	      F-16A	    nb (10w)			      hangar
FA97          F-16AM        nb (23sm)        Devil 13         flying
FA98          F-16AM        nb (349sm)       Mace 61          flying
FA99          F-16AM        nb                                flying
FA101         F-16AM        nb (31sm)        Tiger 46         flying
FA102         F-16AM        nb (23sm)        Devil 11         flying
FA104         F-16AM        nb (23sm)        Devil 42         flying
FA111         F-16A	    nb (10w)			      hangar
FA112         F-16AM        nb (31sm)        Tiger 45         flying
FA114         F-16A         nb (OCU)         Basic 73         flying
FA120         F-16AM        nb (31sm)        Tiger 31         flying
FA122         F-16AM        nb (31sm)        Tiger 42/44      flying
FA126         F-16A         nb (10w)                          ground	Towed in spotters area
FB04          F-16BM        nb (OCU)         Basic 72         flying
FB14          F-16BM        nb (23sm)        Devil 12         flying
FB15          F-16BM        nb (349sm/23sm)  Mace 51/Devil 44 flying
FB17          F-16BM        nb (23sm)        Devil 41         flying
FB19	      F-16B	    nb (10w)			      hangar
FB21	      F-16B	    nb (10w)			      hangar
FB22          F-16B         nb (31sm)        Tiger 38         flying

2x            Jaguar        EC02.007         FAF 7430         overhead	From Pampa range 2.000 ft
2x            Mirage F1CR   ER01.033         FAF 7821A/B      overhead	To Reims 24.000 ft
2x            Mirage F1     FAF              FAF 7701A/B      overhead	To Reims 24.000 ft
J-009         F-16AM        322sq            Nasty 2          overhead	From Pampa range
J-211         F-16BM        322sq            Nasty 1          overhead	From Pampa range

FU66/RA-T     F-84F         Blu                               gate
FS17/DM-B     F-84E         Blu                               gate
FX86          F-104G        Blu                               gate
FX41          F-104G        Blu                               dump
FU188/8S-N    F-84F         Blu                               dump
FA85          F-16A         23sm                              dump	Tail only/opposie snackbar
58-0322/ZR    F-101B        USAF                              dump	Near village of Kleine-Brogel

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