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Kleine Brogel 2004

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Date: 20 July 2004

Made by:


Flightline near hangars:
MM62141/14-22		G222RM		8ºGr               
05 bl		        An-26RV		Transp. Esk/Lith AF
XX974/FE	        Jaguar GR3A	41sq       
AT17		        Alpha Jet B+	11sm       
B08/LH		        BN-2A-21	SLV        
MT13		        CM170		1w                 
N60LT		        PC-7		nn                 

Main flightline:
ET-198			F-16BM		Esk 730		spec mks
38+20			F-4F		FlZ F-4F
43+25, 43+27		Tornado IDS	JBG31
44+95			Tornado IDS	JBG38
45+30			Tornado IDS	MFG2		spec mks
E102/8-MY	        Alpha Jet E	ETO01.008       
59/CF		        Mirage 4P	ERS01.091       
356/4-BX	        Mirage 2000N	EC02.004        
368/4-AR	        Mirage 2000N	EC01.004        
610/3-JW, 686/3-JH	Mirage 2000D	EC02.003
520/33-FD		Mirage F1B	EC03.033	spec mks
MM7238/5, MM7244/5	F-16A ADF	23°Gr
06 bl			L-39ZA		Naik.Grandis/Lith AF
D-664	                CH-47D		298sq               
J-192	                F-16AM		nb/311sq            
J-872	                F-16AM		311sq               
15119	                F-16B		Esq201              
15209, 15237		Alpha Jet A	Esq103/301
AE.9-018/23-26		F-5M		Ala 23
AE.9-029/23-18		SF-5B+		Ala 23
4405			MiG-21MFN	41SLt    
9332		        MiG-21UM	41SLt    
XZ360/FN	        Jaguar GR3A	41sq     
FA56		        F-16AM		349sm		spec mks 
FA58		        F-16AM		nb/2w            
FA65, FA102	        F-16AM		nb/10w           
FA87		        F-16AM		31sm		spec mks 
FA112		        F-16AM		1sm		spec mks 
FB23		        F-16BM		nb/10w           
FB24		        F-16BM		OCU		spec mks 

Other ramp:
A59			SA318C		16BnHLn
H45			A109HA		17BnHATk
RS01			Sea King Mk48	40sm

FA83, FA86, FA97	F-16AM		nb/10w
FA134, FA136		F-16AM		nb/10w
FB14			F-16BM		nb/10w
LB03			L-21B		MCVZ

FA81			F-16AM		nb/10w

(FU188/8S-N)		F-84F		ex BLu
FX02			F-104G		ex BLu (tail of FX47)

L-05			PC-7		131EMVOsq
CA01			A310-222	21sm
CH02			C-130H		20sm	*
FA61, FA68, FA82, FA98	F-16AM	        nb/10w   
FA71, FA77, FA91, FA94	F-16AM	        nb/2w    
FA100			F-16AM	        nn       
FA104, FA121		F-16AM	        2w       
FA111, FA116, FA118	F-16AM	        nb/10w   
FA123, FA124, FA129	F-16AM	        nb/10w   
FB17, FB22 +1		F-16BM	        nb/10w   
H23, H38		A109HA	        17BnHATk 
ST45, ST46		SF260D	        1w       

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