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Koksijde 1984

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Date: 5-7 July 1984

Made by:


A-31               Allouette II             nn 
M3/OT-ZPC          Allouette III            40 Sm 
AT-16              Alpha Jet                VVS 
B-10/LJ            BN.2A                    nn 
CH-08              C-130H                   20 Sm/15 Wing 
FA-48              F-16A                    10 Wing 
CF-05              Merlin IIIA              21 Sm/15 Wing 
BR-22              Mirage 5BR               42 Sm/2 Wing 
B-8/OT-ZKH         S-58                     40 Sm 
G-03               SA.330H                  Rijkswacht 
ST-11              SF.260MB                 5 Sm/ 
104839             CF-104G                  1 CAG 
U-240              S-61A                    Esk 722 
AT-154             Sk.35XD                  Esk 729 
A60/7-HF           Jaguar A                 EC 1/7 
70/10-SI           Mirage F.1C              EC 1/10 
24+54              F-104G                   TGp-11/LVR-11 
89+55              Sea King Mk.41           MFG-5 
B-71               Bo.105CB                 299 Sqn 
576                P-3B                     333 Skv 
XZ303              Gazelle AH.1             662 Sqn/3 Rgt 
XX121/EQ           Jaguar GR.1              6 Sqn 
XX489/CU-575       Jetstream T.2            750 Sqn 
XZ218              Lynx AH.1                662 Sqn/3 Rgt 
XW227/DH           Puma HC.1                230 Sqn 
ZA491/GC           Tornado GR.1             20 Sqn 
80-0169/WR pr      A-10A                    510th TFS/81st TFW 
82-0646/WR pr      A-10A                    510th TFS/81st TFW 
Hangar display: 
FX-100             F-104G                   10 Wing             preserved 
MT-9               CM.170                   nn                  fuselage only 
RS-05              Sea King Mk.48           40 Sm 

Flightline far side: 
A-26               Allouette II             nn 
A-27               Allouette II             nn 
A-42               Allouette II             nn 
M1/OT-ZPA          Allouette III            40 Sm 
AT-26              Alpha Jet                VVS 
CH-04              C-130H                   20 Sm/15 Wing 
MT-33              CM.170                   9 Wing 
MT-34              CM.170                   9 Wing 
FA-42              F-16A                    350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-44              F-16A                    350 Sm/1 Wing 
BA-03              Mirage 5BA               8 Sm/3 Wing 
BD-01              Mirage 5BD               3 Wing 
BD-15              Mirage 5BD               3 Wing 
B-5/OT-ZKE         S-58                     40 Sm 
RS-01              Sea King Mk.48           40 Sm 
RS-03              Sea King Mk.48           40 Sm 
ST-02              SF.260MB                 EVS 
ST-04              SF.260MB                 EVS 
ST-36              SF.260MB                 EVS 
404/10-KJ          CM.170                   EC 10 
E35/7-HN           Jaguar E                 EC 1/7 
101/10-SC          Mirage F.1C              EC 1/10 
J-650              F-16B                    311 Sqn 
80-0168/WR yl      A-10A                    510th TFS/81st TFW 

Flying only: 
FA-45              F-16A                    10 Wing 
FA-52              F-16A                    10 Wing 
FA-53              F-16A                    10 Wing 
FA-72              F-16A                    10 Wing 
FA-73              F-16A                    10 Wing 
BA-18              Mirage 5BA               3 Wing 
BA-27              Mirage 5BA               3 Wing 
BA-37              Mirage 5BA               3 Wing 
BR-04              Mirage 5BR               42 Sm/2 Wing 6th only 
BR-13              Mirage 5BR               42 Sm/2 Wing 5th only 
37+77              F-4F                     JbG-36 
37+97              F-4F                     JbG-36 
38+05              F-4F                     JbG-36 
38+25              F-4F                     JbG-36 
38+29              F-4F                     JbG-36 
38+61              F-4F                     JbG-36 
LX-N/90451         E-3A                     NAEWF 
K-3021             NF-5A                    314 Sqn 
K-3026             NF-5A                    314 Sqn 
K-4021             NF-5B                    314 Sqn 
305/V              P-3C                     320 Sqn 6th only 
306/V              P-3C                     320 Sqn 7th only 
XV400/F            Phantom FGR.2            19 Sqn 6th only 
XV430/C            Phantom FGR.2            19 Sqn 
XV437/B            Phantom FGR.2            19 Sqn 
XV472/E            Phantom FGR.2            19 Sqn 
XV481/H            Phantom FGR.2            19 Sqn 

40 Sm hangar: 
RS-02              Sea King Mk.48           40 Sm 
FC-08              TF-104G                  ex 10 Wing 
FC-11              TF-104G                  ex 10 Wing 

Storage hangar: 
F-104G 1 Wing:   FX-44, FX-48, FX-57, FX-59, FX-72, FX-74, FX-80 
F-104G 10 Wing:  FX-03, FX-62, FX-64, FX-67, FX-76, FX-85, FX-89 
TF-104G 10 Wing: FC-12 

Open storage: 
F-104G 10 Wing:  FX-02, FX-07, FX-41, FX-45, FX-47, FX-51, FX-52, FX-60, FX-65, 
                 FX-70, FX-78, FX-81, FX-82, FX-83, FX-84, FX-90, FX-93, FX-94, 
F-104G 1 Wing:   FX-10, FX-58, FX-69, 
TF-104G 10 Wing: FC-01, FC-02, FC-03, FC-04, FC-06, FC-07, FC-10 

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