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Koksijde 1986

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Date: 19 July 1986

Made by:

Updated: 3 November 2002

Static (* = also show): 
ZB677                 Gazelle AH1             655sq AAC 
XZ175/A, XZ203/B      Lynx AH1                LCF AAC * 
XZ615/E, XZ640/F      Lynx AH1                LCF AAC * 
XZ215                 Lynx AH1                LCF AAC * 
AT20                  Alpha Jet E             VVS BAF 
CB01                  B727-22C                21Sm BAF 
FA-36                 F16A                    350Sm BAF 
BA53                  Mirage 5BA              1Sm BAF 
CF-06                 SA226T                  21Sm BAF * 
RS01                  Sea King Mk41           40Sm BAF 
ST-20                 SF260MB                 EVS BAF 
FC06                  TF104G                  store BAF 
B-10/LJ               BN2A                    SLV BAr 
G03                   SA330H                  Gendarmerie BAr * 
A-35                  SE3130                  SLV BAr * 
B-8/OT-ZKH            S58T/HSS-1              40Sm BN * 
M-2/OT-ZPB            SA316B                  40Sm BN * 
MM80983/15-12         HH3F                    15St ItAF * 
XW295/29              Jet Provost T5A         1FTS RAF 
XW351/31              Jet Provost T5A         1FTS RAF 
XV496/V               Phantom FGR2            92sq RAF 
XW218/DT              Puma HC1                230sq RAF * 
ZA447/EA              Tornado Gr1             15sq RAF 
ZA135/505             Sea King HAS5           810sq RN * 
B-43                  Bo105C                  299sq RNLAF 
H-81/SAR              SA316B                  SAR Flt RNLAF * 
283                   SH14C                   860sq RNLN * 
XT474/CU-520          Wessex HU5              771sq RN * 
TE.12B-30/792-2       C212                    Esc792 SpAF 
HE.21-08              SA332F                  803Esc SpAF * 
80-0228/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF 
82-0655/WR            A10A                    81TFW USAF * 
81-0804/TJ            F16A                    401TFW USAF 
68-8284               HH53C                   67ARRS USAF 
74-22286              CH47C                   205AvCo USAr 
37+61                 F4F                     JG71 WGAF 
44+04                 Tornado                 JBG31 WGAF 
71+73/SAR             UH1D                    HTG64 WGAF 
86+28, 87+28          Bo105P                  PAR16 WGAr * 
87+31, 87+43          Bo105P                  PAR16 WGAr * 
87+72                 Bo105P                  PAR16 WGAr * 
84+88                 CH53G                   HFR15 WGAr * 
72+62                 UH1D                    HFR10 WGAr 
89+59                 Sea King Mk41           MFG5 WGN * 

Se3160: A-350, A-351, A-390, A-398 (show) 
SE3160: A-499  (spare) all 300sq 

XZ661                 Lynx AH1                LCF AAC * 
AT18                  Alpha Jet E             VVS BAF * 
CH-12                 C130H                   20Sm BAF * 
MT48                  CM170R                  33Sm BAF 
FA-30                 F16A                    350Sm BAF * 
FA-54                 F16A                    350Sm BAF 
LB-01                 L21B                    AC BAF * 
RS02, RS04            Sea King Mk41           40Sm BAF 
RS03, RS05            Sea King Mk41           40Sm BAF * 
ST-18                 SF260MB                 EVS BAF 
PL90                  Twin Aster              AC BAF * 
233/30-QG             CM170R                  SVLVS/EC30 FAF 
45/30-SR              Mirage F1C              EC1/30 FAF * 
MM80980/15-07         HH3F                    15St ItAF 
ZA392/EK              Tornado GR1             15sq RAF * 
T.12B-48/352-48       C212                    Esc352 SpAF 
82-0914/TJ            F16A                    401TFW USAF * 
70+62/SAR             UH1D                    HTG64 WGAF * 
126965/OO-FOR         AD4N                    BAF c/s * 

Team Aquilla:
C101EB, 793Esc, SpaF: 
E.25-10/793-10 * 
E.25-11/793-11 * 
E.25-22/793-22 * 
E.25-42/793-48 * 
E.25-49/793-39 * 
E.25-84/793-04 * 

FX03, FX70, FX64      F104G                   stored BAF 
FX67, FX85            F104G                   stored BAF 
FC08, FC12            TF104G                  stored BAF 
B-4/OT-ZKD            S58T/HSS-1              40Sm BN 
B-5/OT-ZKE            S58T/HSS-1              40Sm BN 
9505                  SA330C                  752Esq PortAF 

F104G:  FX60, FX81, FX82, FX84, FX93, FX65, FX51, FX80, FX89, 
        FX45, FX07, FX10, FX41, FX47, FX48, FX51, FX52, FX65, 
        FX69, FX76, FX78, FX83, FX89, FX90, FX94, FX99, FX58, 
        FX02, FX100 
TF104G: FC03, FC07, FC10 

CP10, CP11  	      C119G 		      dumped BAF 
ID123 		      Hunter F4 	      gate guard BAF 

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