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Koksijde 1997

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Date: 6 July 1997

Made by: Scramble


A47                   Alouette 2   nn
AT10                  Alpha Jet    1W
B10/LJ                BN-2B-21     16BnHLn
CH02                  C-130H       20sm
H39                   A109HA       18BnHATk
M3                    Alouette 3   40sm
MT14                  CM170R       33sm
ST46                  SF260D       5sm
140102                CP-140       404sq/14 Wing
3848/AEO              SA342M       6RHC
1811/JCL              AS350B       Gendarmerie
8700                  Bo105P       HFR36
8957                  S.King Mk41  MFG5
R-01                  AB412SP      303sq
XX700/17              Bulldog T1   CFS
XX193/CB              Hawk T1      100sq
XX495/C               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
69-5823               MC-130P      67th SOS
73-1648               MH-53J       21st SOS
G-BUVF                DHC-2        'S-9'
N92001                MD900
N9208V                MD900
OO-DBM                PT.17        '308'
OO-HSB                AS355        Inst. voor MDH
OO-LER                Bell 206     Heli promotions
OO-NMT                Enstrom      Nörmann
OO-NUE                S.2          Touring Ass.
OO-VAT                ASK.17       '69'
OO-WGW                A109C
OO-WIL                SV4C         Four Roses
OO-WIY                Ce172        Walair
RA-06041              Mi-26T       Skytech
RA-25750              Mi-8AMT      Skytech

Displayed in hangar:
B4/OT-ZKD             S.58         stored

AT03                  Alpha Jet    1W
AT25                  Alpha Jet    1W
H18                   A109HO       18BnHATk
MT36                  CM170R       33sm
MT40                  CM170R       33sm
RS01, RS02            S.King Mk48  40sm
RS03, RS04            S.King Mk48  40sm
RS05                  S.King Mk48  40sm
ST21, ST22            SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
ST35                  SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
T-409, T-419          T-17         FLSK
T-421, T-426          T-17         FLSK
R5                    C160R        ET00.061
1192/ADQ              SA330Ba      6RHCM
MM62126/46-26         G222TCM      2√łGr
L-03, L-07            PC-7         131EMVOsq
XX638                 Bulldog T1   CFS     spec. c/s
XX698/9               Bulldog T1   CFS
ZA947                 Dakota C3    BoBMF
XX231, XX235          Hawk T1      19(R)sq
XV295, XV300          Hercules C1  LTW
XZ675/E, ZD281/K      Lynx AH7     671sq
XW897, XZ327          Gazelle AH1  670sq
XZ333, ZA737          Gazelle AH1  670sq

MB339A/PANs of Frecce Tricolori:   MM54478/0,
MM54551/2,  MM54517/3, MM54500/4,  MM54536/5,
MM54439/6,  MM54483/7, MM54473/8,  MM54477/9,
MM54489/10, MM54485/11

Plus Patrouille de France, Red Arrows (8x, 1 was unserviceable),
team flying 4 EA300's, Harvard, and a Jet Provost (civil).

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