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Koksijde 2001

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Date: 7/8 July 2001

Made by: Scramble, Alan Kilham,


HSS-1, Belgian AF
Preserved at Koksijde is this HSS-1 or H-34 with serial B8/OT-ZKH. This helicopter was delivered to the Belgians in 1962 and was taken out of service in 1986. Fortunately is did not go to the scrapyard, but was saved for later generations of aviation enthousiasts.

Photo: Andrew Bates

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188720			CF-188		1st AMS, spec c/s
188724	                CF-188		441sq, spec c/s  
E-017	                F-16AM		Esk 726          
ET-613	                F-16BM		Esk 726          
3701	                F-4F		nmks             
4408	                Tornado IDS	JBG31    
4549, 4618		Tornado IDS	MFG2
4644			Tornado ECR	JBG32, tiger c/s
7176			UH-1D		LTG63
2423/JCZ		AS350B1		Gendarmerie     
2041/67-ED	        SA316B		EH03.067        
4186/BWJ	        SA342M		3RHC            
268, 303	        SA319B		22S             
MM55051/32-42	        AMX-T		101┬░Gr, spec mks
B-69		        Bo105CB		299sq           
J-065		        F-16BM		313sq           
Q-05			AH-64D		302sq
XX217/CC, XX351/CQ	Hawk T1A	100sq
XX481/CU-560		Jetstream T2	750sq
XV714/CU-180	        S King AEW2A	849sq
ZA127/CU-509	        SeaKing HAS6	810sq
ZD630/L-012	        SeaKing HAS6	820sq
62-3551/D	        KC-135R		351st ARS    
89-0141		        CH-47D		F/5-159th Avn
90-0371		        OH-58D	        1/1st CAV    
98-26797	        UH-60L	        2-501st AVN  
87-0444		        AH-64A	        1-501st AVN  
H07		        A109HO	        17BnHATk     
H26		        A109HA	        18BnHATk     
CH09		        C-130H	        20sm         
MT13, MT14		CM170		7sm, spec c/s         
FA61		        F-16AM	        23sm, spec mks
FB08/BL		        F-16B	        10w           
M1/OT-ZPA	        SA316B	        40sm, spec mks
B4/OT-ZKD	        HSS-1	        preserved     
A68		        SA318C	        16BnHLn       
RS05		        Sea King Mk48	40sm, spec c/s
ST36		        SF260M		5sm, spec c/s         
ST48		        SF260D	        5sm           
F-BMMD		        SV-4C	        ex ALAT 56    
OO-LED		        SV-4C	        ex AdlA 388   
OO-LEE		        SV-4E	        private       
RA-44506	        Yak-18T	        private       

Flightline left from static:
T-401, T-409, T-418	T-17		FLSK
T-420, T-432		T-17		FLSK    
(4187)/BWC		SA342M	        3RHC    
8062			Bo105M	        nn           
281	                SH-14D	        MARHELI      
H10	                A109HO	        18BnHATk     
OO-EBL	                VL Viima 2	ex FinAF VI-3
OO-FOR	                AD-4NA		ex USN 126965        
OO-JKT	                Fw44J	        private          
OO-MOR	                MS315	        ex FAF 279       
OO-SVS	                SV-4C	        as "320/RL-N"    
OO-SVT	                SV-4E	        ex FAF 9         
OO-TGM	                DH82A	        ex RAF BB731     
OO-USN	                PT-17	        ex USAAF 42-16532
OO-VMH	                FwP149D	        ex GAF 9016      
OO-VOR			Fiat G46	ex ItAF MM53293
OO-WIL			SV-4C		ex BAF V42
..-...			Boeing A75	as USAAF "309"
The serial of the French Gazelle has not been confirmed yet. However,
one month earlier, this chopper was seen together with the Gazelle in the
static display in Netheravon (UK), where its serial was read-off.

Flightline right from static:
J-016			F-16AM		312sq, spec c/s     
AT24	                Alpha Jet E	1w          
AT26	                Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
FA114	                F-16A		10w/nb              
FA116	                F-16A		31sm, tiger c/s     

Far side:
503/33-FG		Mirage F1B	EC03.033
24/33-FD, 87/33-FS	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
ZD375/23		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq, spec mks
ZD378/26		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
XX309			Hawk T1		4FTS, spec c/s
XX320			Hawk T1A	4FTS, spec c/s
XV212/212		Hercules C3	LTW
ZE295/AY, ZE961/AW	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZF405, ZF407		Tucano T1	1FTS
M3/OT-ZPC		SA316B		40sm, spec c/s
RS01, RS02		Sea King Mk48	40sm

Hangar far side:
RS03, RS04		Sea King Mk48	40sm

Barracks outside airfield:
ID-123/7J-P		Hunter F4	preserved
B8/OT-ZKH		HSS-1		preserved

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