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Koksijde 2003

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Date: 5 July 2003

Made by: Scramble, Paul Greig, Patrick Dirksen, Robert van de Pol


CH-149 Cormorant, CAF
The most surprising participant of this year's show at Koksijde was this Canadian CH-149 Cormorant with serial 149915.

Photo Tom Houquet

149915			CH-149		8 Wing
29+04, 29+18		MiG-29G		JG73
37+58			F-4F		FLZ
45+42, 45+50		Tornado IDS	MFG2
46+20			Tornado IDS	MFG2	spec mks
46+54			Tornado ECR	JBG32	tiger mks
80+15			Bo105M		HFR15
1811/F-MJCL		AS350B		Gendarmerie
R87/61-ZE		C-160R		ET00.061
318			SA365F1		35F
115/ABQ			TBM700		EAAT
240			Beech 200	102sq/IAC
MM55048			AMX-T		nb	spec mks
MM62144/RS-44		G222TCM		311°Gr RSV
MM62145/46-50		G222TCM		311°Gr RSV
MM55078/RS-29		MB339CD		311°Gr RSV
MM7035/36-47		Tornado IDS	156°Gr
B-68			Bo105CB-4	931sq	spec mks
D-666			CH-47D		298sq
J-016			F-16AM		323sq	spec mks
J-063			F-16AM		322sq	spec mks
Q-20			AH-64D		301sq
R-03			AB412SP		303sq
1407			An-26		13.eltr
15226			Alpha Jet A	Esq 301
15250			Alpha Jet A	Esq 301	tiger mks
5015			L-39ZA		41SLt
XH135			Canberra PR9	39(1PRU)sq
ZD410/39		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZD435/47		Harrier GR7	3sq
XX201			Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
XX232, XX245		Hawk T1		208(R)sq
XX314/CN		Hawk T1W	100sq	spec mks
XX766			Jaguar GR3	16sq	spec mks
XX487/CU-568		Jetstream T2	750sq
ZD249/637		Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZD254			Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZH858/415		Merlin HM1	nn
XV673/CU-827		Sea King HU5	771sq
ZD741/BZ		Tornado GR4	14sq
ZE203, ZE763/DG		Tornado F3	11sq
ZE291/GQ, ZE737/YM	Tornado F3	43sq
ZE812/XR, ZG796/WC	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZF374			Tucano T1	1FTS
92-0375			C-20H		76th AS
84-0082			C-21A		Hq USEUCOM
00-3002/LN, 00-3003/LN	F-15E		494th FS
89-2039/AV		F-16CG		555th FS
89-2046/AV		F-16CG		510th FS
J-5008, J-5011		F/A-18C		nb/FlSt11
A64			SA318C		SLV
AT24			Alpha Jet E	11sm
AT26			Alpha Jet E	11sm	spec mks
B07			BN-2B-21	16BnHLn
CE02			ERJ135LR	21sm
CE03, CE04		ERJ145LR	21sm
CH02			C-130H		20sm	spec mks
CM02			Falcon 20E	21sm
FA05			F-16A		std (Weelde)
FA47			F-16A		2w
FA72/FS, FA135		F-16AM		2w
FA93			F-16AM-TVI	10w
FA99, FA114, FA116	F-16AM		10w
H02, H11		A109HO		SLV
H21, H28		A109HA		18BnHATk
LB06			L-21B		Luchtkadetten
M3			SA316B		40sm
MT13, MT26, MT48	CM170		11sm
PL72			G102		Luchtkadetten
RS01, RS02, RS04	Sea King Mk48	40sm
ST43, ST47		SF260D		5sm
F-AZOO			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1127
F-AZOP			Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1192
G-BYCT			L-29A		nn
OO-JKT			Fw44J		nn
OO-SVS			SV-4C		as "320/RL-N"
OO-SVT			SV-4E		ex France 9
OO-TGM			DH-82A		ex UK BB731
OO-USN			PT-17		ex USA 42-16532
PH-DHC			DHC-2		as KLu S-9
PH-IIB			AT-16		ex KLu B-118

Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France:
E120/F-TERG/0	E160/F-TERC/1	E75/F-TERW/2
E41/F-TERA/3	E117/F-TERI/4	E134/F-TERM/5
E122/F-TERD/6	E135/F-TERX/7	E169/F-TERQ/8

Team Orlik with the following PZL-130TC-1s:
030	031	041	044	046
048	049	050	051

F-5E Tigers of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081	J-3082	J-3083	J-3084
J-3085	J-3086	J-3087

And the Swiss PC-7 team with the following aircraft:
A-903	A-904	A-914	A-915	A-918
A-922	A-924	A-933	A-938	A-939

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