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Koksijde 2007

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Date: 30 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


E88/314-LL 		Alpha Jet E 		EAC00.314
304/4-CA 		Mirage 200N 		EC03.004
887/MCA 		PC-6/B2-H4 		ECTM
45+94 			Tornado IDS 		JBG33
46+39 			Tornado ECR 		JBG32
82+52 			EC135T1 		HFWS
86+90 			Bo105P1 		nmks
033 			T-6A 			361 MEA
LX-N90458 		E-3A 			NAEW&CF
R-01 			AB412SP 		303sq
284 			F-16AM 			FLO
693 			F-16BM 			FLO
69-7458, 69-7522 	RF-4E 			113 Filo
80 yl 0608 		An-30B 			10 OAE/UkraineAF
XS728/E 		Dominie T1 		55(R)sq
XX265/CK 		Hawk T1A 		100sq
ZH848/CU-582 		Merlin HM1 		824sq
ZJ273/73, ZJ274/74 	Squirrel HT1 		DHFS
ZA462/027 		Tornado GR4 		15(R)sq
ZA546/AG 		Tornado GR4 		14sq 9sq mks
A79 			SA318C 			Wing Heli
AT05 			Alpha Jet 1B 		11sm
CH05 			C-130H 			20sm
CM01 			Falcon 20E 		21sm
FA05 			F-16A 			i/a, travel exhibit
FA100 			F-16AM 			10w
FA127/FS 		F-16AM 			2w
FB14 			F-16BM 			10w
G14 			MD520N 			Federale Politie
H16 			A109BA 			i/a, travel exhibit
H39 			A109BA 			Wing Heli
M2 			SA316B 			40sm
PL78 			Grob G102 		Luchtcadetten
RS02 			Sea King Mk48 		40sm
ST16                    SF260M+			5sm
ST35 			SF260M 			5sm
B4/OT-ZKD 		HSS-1 			pres
OO-MMM 			BN-2A-21 		ex B02

T-404, T-405, T-407 	T-17 			FLSK
T-420, T-425 		T-17 			FLSK
70+65 			UH-1D 			LTG63
J-055 			F-16AM 			306sq spec mks
J-514 			F-16AM 			313sq
C.16-28/11-08 		EF2000 			Ala 11
C.16-29/11-09 		EF2000 			Ala 11
A53, A57 		SA318C 			16sq MRH
CE03 			ERJ145LR 		21sm
CH11 			C-130H 			20sm
FA86, FA111 		F-16AM 			10w
FA101, FA131 		F-16AM 			2w spec mks
FB24 			F-16BM 			10w
H02, H06, H07 		A109BA 			Wing Heli
H23, H30, H38 		A109BA 			Wing Heli
M1 			SA316B 			40sm
MT35 			CM170 			11sm
RS01 			Sea King Mk48 		40sm in hangar
RS04 , RS05 		Sea King Mk48 		40sm
F-AZGU 			Vampire T55 		ex Swiss U-1229
G-BKOU 			Jet Provost T3 		ex RAF XN637
G-BWGS 			Jet Provost T5 		ex RAF XW310
G-CBSS 			Yak-52 			as "121"
G-HUEY/560 		UH-1H 			ex Argentina AE-413
G-PBYA "433915" 	PBY-5A 			ex Canada 11005
G-RORI 			Gnat T1 		ex RAF XR538
G-TIMM "XS111" 		Gnat T1 		ex RAF XP504
N707TJ 			A75N1 			ex USN 3173
N74189 			PT-17 			ex 41-00957
PH-PBA 			DC-3C 			DDA
The Patrouille de France were also taking part in the flying
program, but were operating from another airfield. They
appeared with the following codes over Koksijde: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7,
8, 9 and one uncoded.

ID123/7J-P 		Hunter F4 		pres gate
B8/OT-ZKH 		HSS-1 			pres gate

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