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Oostmalle 1993

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Date: 4/5 September 1993

Made by: Scramble, Patrick Dirksen

Updated: 10 July 2001

H12                   A109HO        SLV
ST41                  SF260D        5sm
XX226, XX235/PJ       Hawk T1       4FTS
VP981                 Devon C2      BoBMF
P7350/YT-F            Spitfire IIa  BoBMF
PS915/P               Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
RA-78838              IL-76MD       Aeroflot
RA-02166/50           Su-26         ex CIS AF
60033/1,  60061/3     Sk60          F5/Team 60
60062/7,  60096/2     Sk60          F5/Team 60
60098/5,  60125/4     Sk60          F5/Team 60
60139/6               Sk60          F5/Team 60
60108/108             Sk60          F5
F-AZDX                B-17G         '41-22960/DF-G'
G-ASKH                Mosquito T3   'RR299/HT-E'
G-BEDF                B-17G         '41-24485/DF-A'
G-BIXL                P-51D         '44-72216/AJ-L'
G-BLCK                Spitfire IX   'TE566/DU-A'
G-BOML                HA1112        '14'
G-BPIV                Bollingbroke4T 'Z5722/WM-Z'
G-BTTA                Fury FB10     '115'
G-ASJV 		      Spitfire LF9b 'MH434/ZD-B'
G-TRIX                Spitfire Tr9  'PV202/VZ-M'
N33VC                 T-33A         '54-21261'
NX55JP                FG-1D         (BuNo.88391)
N320SQ                B-25J         'HD346/NO-V'
OK-GXA                L-39          Aero
OK-NDG                L-410
OO-MOR                MS315         c/n 279        *
OO-LYR                SV4C          c/n 109        *
OO-STM                N2S-2         c/n 75-1391    *
OO-JKT                FW44J         nn             *
SE-ITU                PA-30-300     Trafikfl.Skola

Other side/flying:
AT11                  Alpha Jet     11sm
CH02                  C-130H        20sm
C-10                  F27-300M      334sq

Team Striji:
MiG-29  : 30005/42, 30011/44, 30015/46, 300../48
MiG-29UB: ...../33, ...../34

Frecce Tricolori:
MB339A  : MM54445/8, MM54473/4, MM54475/3, MM54477/9
          MM54478/7, MM54479/1, MM54484/11,MM54486/2
Aircraft marked with a * were only attending on the 5th.

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