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Ursel 1993

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Date: 11 July 1993

Made by: Scramble


9412                  Mi-8P         Marine
..../AEO              SA342M        6RHC
C-10                  F27-300M      334sq
ZD411/L               Harrier GR5   nn
XX181/CB              Hawk T1       100sq
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A   16sq
AT26                  Alpha Jet`    9w
CH06                  C-130H        20sm
MT34                  CM170R        33sm
ST40                  SF260MB       5sm

XZ578/581             Sea King HAS6 706sq
A-324, A-390, A-398   Alouette 3    Grasshoppers
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3    Grasshoppers
OO-SDO                B737-         SABENA
FA63?		      F-16A	    FAB
AT..		      Alpha Jet	    9w
LX-N904..	      E-3A	    NAEWF
And there were also some additional warbirds.

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