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Ursel 1997

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Date: 13 July 1997

Made by: Scramble


AT03                  Alpha Jet    1W
FA81                  F-16A        nm
MT48                  CM170R       33sm   spec. c/s
ST22                  SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
3830                  F-4F         JG71
4527, 4538            Tornado      MFG2
B-63                  Bo105CB      299sq
D-666                 CH-47D       298sq
L-01                  PC-7         131EMVOsq
XX666                 Bulldog T1   Glasgow UAS
XS727/D               Dominie T1   55(R)sq
ZA111/CU-565          Jetstream T2 750sq
ZE162/FK              Tornado F3   25sq
ZE962                 Tornado F3   nm
ZF418                 Tucano T1    1FTS
6520                  HH-65A       USCG Opa Locka
G-BRLV                CCF Harvard 4 '93542/LTA542'

AT25                  Alpha Jet    1W     spec. c/s
FA70                  F-16A        2sm
MT36                  CM170R       33sm   spec. c/s
RS05                  S.King Mk48  40sm
ST21, ST35            SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
3749                  F-4F         JG71
4533                  Tornado      MFG2
L-03                  PC-7         131EMVOsq
XV191                 Hercules C1  LTF
ZF136, ZF168          Tucano T1    1FTS
ZE962                 Tornado F3   nm
XV673/597             S.King HAS5U 706sq
F-GKYD,F-GKYE,F-GKYF  CM170        Patrouille YD
G-BWGT                J.Provost T5
OO-SDJ                B737-200     SABENA
OO-DVB                H500C        Publi-Air SA
D-EZOZ                EA300L       Toyota
G-BWOU                Hunter F58A  'J-4015'
G-LOSM                Meteor NF11  'WM167'
RA-01480              Su-31        Breitling

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