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AnĂ¡polis 2015

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Anápolis Portões Abertos
Date: 5-6 September 2015
5506 A-1M    
2736 C-98A BAAN  
2802 C-105A    
2477 C-130 1°GTT  
6701 E-99 2°/6°GAv  
4829, 4844 F-5EM 1°GAvCa  
4845, 4846 F-5EM 1°GAvCa  
4823, 4828, 4849 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv  
4851, 4852, 4861 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv  
4910 F-103E preserved sv c/s
4933 F-2000B stored  
4940, 4941 F-2000C stored  
4942, 4943 F-2000C stored  
4944, 4945 F-2000C stored  
4946, 4947 F-2000C stored  
6005 R-35AM 1°/6°GAv  
PR-CBG AW119-II Bombeiros GO  
PR-PMG/Falcão 2 AW119-II Polícia Militar GO  
PT-LZY CeT210N Bombeiros GO  
The large quantity of F-5s was due to the exercise ‘Operação BVR-II’ that was held simultaneously. Obviously, EDA Fumaça also gave ‘acte de presence’ with the first full season flying the A-29.


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