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Boa Vista 2011

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BoaVista Portões Abertos
Date: 12-11-2011
Static / flightline along static:
5728 A-29A 1°/3°GAv 31400112
5733 A-29A 1°/3°GAv  
2809 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
4873 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv/diamonds  
PR-DSP Ce172N    
PR-ERR Lj55C   27-4576
PT-DUB PA-23-250    
PT-JTM Beech E55    
PT-UZO EMB202A Ipanema    
T-27 of EDA Fumaça:
1329/1, 1326/2, 1394/2, 1371/3, 1358/4, 1327/5, 1435/6, 1314/7
Flightline, second part:
2726 C-98 BABV  
2800 C-105A nm  
5702, 5708, 5717 A-29A 1°/3°GAv  
5719, 5727 A-29A 1°/3°GAv  
5904 A-29B 1°/3°GAv  
N171DK Lancair 360    
5707, 5724 A-29A 1°/3°GAv  
5938, 5943 A-29B 1°/3°GAv  
Ramp behind shed:
5705 A-29A 1°/3°GAv 31400029
5920, 5927 A-29B 1°/3°GAv visitor o
5925 A-29B   visitor o
2520 C-99A 1°/2°GT 73032275
EB-2021 HM-1 (AS565) nn  
EB-3003 HM-2 (S-70A) nn  
4493 AT-26 Pres. on base  
Only one large hangar and that was cleared to make room for booths, so everything was outside. The small static was partly parked under sun sheds on the fligthline and on the ramp near the hangar. A-29A 5733 sported nose art, a naked lady with a jaguar on a leach, to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of 1°/3°GAv Escorpião. The rest of the flight line and large open shed were not accessible to the public, but you could walk along the fence outside the operational area and easily see everything that was parked there. In fact, from the road along the outside perimeter towards the gate you can probably read off the whole flight line. You could win a flight with the Caravan, one of the C-105s (2800) dropped paratroopers and one of the Super Tucanos flew (5717). The visitors were parked on the terminal side of the airfield. All in all a good chance to spot the Super Tucanons from Escorpião squadron!


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