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Brasilia 2014

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Brasilia Sabado Aereo 2014
Date: 13-9-2014
5960 A-29B nmks  
5965/4 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2590 VC-2 GTE  
2332 C-95CM 3°ETA  
2337 C-95CM 6°ETA  
2002 VC-97 6°ETA  
2731 C-98A 6°ETA 208B-2059
2560 VC-99C GTE  
2462 KC-130M 1°/1°GT  
4863 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv  
4932 F-2000B wfu  
4949 F-2000C wfu  
8501 VH-35 GTE  
8506 VH-36 GTE  
8915 H-60L nmks 70-3778
7202 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
6752 R-99 2°/6°GAv  
1360 T-27 1°EIA  
2713, 2714 U-35A 6°ETA  
PP-NBZ/8002 AT-802F Bombeiros Mil Nimbus 02
PP-ZNA An-2 Adilson Carmo E Silva  
PP-XNP PT-17 “135”  
PR-EBQ AS350B2 DETRAN-DF Sentinela 01
PR-HFV AW139 Polícia Federal Caçador 10
PR-LLN/DF-06 CeT210M Polícia Militar Fénix 06
PR-PMF/DF-03 HB350B2 Polícia Militar Fénix 02
Flightline westside:
PT-KRC/1 T-6 Team Oi ex FAB1706
PT-LDQ/2 AT-6B Team Oi ex 41-17127
PR-TIK/44 T-6G ex 49-2996  
2101 VC-1 GTE  
2591 VC-2 GTE  
2526 C-99A GTE  
2550 VC-99A GTE  
2585 VC-99B GTE  
8735 VH-34 GTE 2196
8500 VH-35 GTE  
8505 VH-36 GTE  
8513 H-36 1°/8°GAv hangar
2305 C-95BM 5°ETA  
2313 C-95BM 1°/5°GAv  
2316 C-95BM 2°ETA  
2319 C-95BM 6°ETA  
2000 YC-97 PAMA-AF  
2018 C-97 6°ETA  
2806 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
8514 H-36 1°/8°GAv  
1361 T-27 1°EIA 30 years Tucano
2715 U-35A 6°ETA  
-2653 VU-9 stored 121005
PP-ISF EMB120 stored, ex Interbrasil  
Civil area, all hangared:
PR-HFC AS355N Polícia Federal Caçador 08
PT-ICY CeT210L Bombeiros Mil Resgate 05
PR-DPF ERJ145ER Polícia Federal  
PT-HRG, PT-HRH Bell 412 Polícia Federal  
2177 C-95 dump crash investigation  
2190 C-95 pres side gate  
4916 F-103E pres VI COMAR HQ  
2127 VU-93 pres GTE terminal  
4507 AT-26 pres side gate  
N-3017 SH-3B pres side gate  
Sabado Aereo 2014 was an interesting event, with a large delegation of various FAB units. We had access to both GTE and 6˚ ETA
and toured their aprons and hangars before the gates opened to the general public at 10am. The preserved aircraft were also noted from the non-public side of the base,
only few can be seen without access; both F-2000s were stored here after their retirement late 2013.


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