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Pirassununga 2012

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Pirassununga 60 Años EDA Fumaça
Date: 12-13 May 2012
5651 A-1B 1°/16°GAv  
2014 C-97 CTA/IPEV  
2523, 2524 C-99A 1°/2°GT  
2808 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
4820 F-5EM 1°GAvCa  
4932 F-2000C 1°GDA  
7200 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
7108 P-95B 2°/7°GAv  
1643/PT-TRB T-6D MUSAL  
1852, 1868 +4 T-25 2°EIA  
..49 T-27 1°EIA/AFA  
EB-1035 HM-1 1°BAvEx  
EB-4008 HM-3 2°BAvEx  
130608 CC-130J 436sq  
188742 CF-188 425sq  
188781 CF-188 425sq  
166677/AD-234 F/A-18F VFA-106  
166790/NJ-135 F/A-18F VFA-122  
PR-AYV ERJ195-200 Azul  
PR-EMD EMB300 Embraer  
PR-PSR ERJ145MP Passaredo  
PR-SPK/Aguía 21 AS350B2 Polícia Militar  
PR-ZDL EA300L private  
PT-DHI/4 Beech 18 Team BR Aviation  
PT-KRC/1 T-6 Team BR Aviation  
PT-LDO/3, PT-LDQ/2 T-6 Team BR Aviation  
PT-PUA Beech D17S private  
PT-ZMI Christen Eagle II private  
PT-ZRP Pitts S-2A private  
PT-ZSB Pitts S-2B private  
PT-ZSL Su-31 private  
PT-ZST Stearman A75N1 private  
PT-ZSV Su-31 private  
PT-ZUN EA230 private  
EA-300L of los Halcones:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
T-27 of EDA, Fumaça:
1371/1, 1326/2, 1434/2, 1358/4, 1314/5, 1360/6, 1308/7
Also 2 other T-27s coded 4 and hordes of T-25s and T-27s parked on the grass, to the side and in hangars.


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