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Domingo Aereo

Date: 23-8-2015
2807 C-105 nm (ex 1°/9°GAv)  
2475 C-130M 1°GTT  
7208 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
PT-TRB T-6D old Fumaça c/s ex 1542
PP-HLB/’0357’ T-19   ex 0477
1833, 1910 +2 T-25 2°EIA/AFA  
1359, 1371, 1382, 1386 +1 T-27 1°EIA/AFA  
5520 A-1M    
5707/2, 5712/6 A-29A EDA Fumaça  
5717/3, 5719/6 A-29A EDA Fumaça  
5724/5, 5734/1 A-29A EDA Fumaça  
5963/4, 5965/7, 5966/4 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2701 C-98 BASC  
2811 SC-105A 2°/10°GAv visitor
4856 F-5EM nm  
8783 H-50 1°/11°GAv  
8916 H-60L 5°/8°GAv  
7106 P-95A 2°/7°GAv  
1836, 1908, 1940, 1951 T-25 2°EIA/AFA  
1312, 1360, 1383, 1386 T-27 1°EIA/AFA  
1416, 1431, 1441 + ..35 T-27 1°EIA/AFA  
EB-2033 HM-1 2°BAvEx  
N-1001 AF-1 VF-1  
PP-HKX T-23A private ex 0965
PR-FJC/’394’ PT-17 private ex USA 41-8776
PR-SPH/Aguía 16 AS350 Polícia Militar SP  
PT-DHI/4 Beech E18S Esq BR Aviation  
PT-KRC/1 T-6 (SNJ-5C) Esq BR Aviation ex 1706
PT-LDQ/2 AT-6B Esq BRA ex USA 41-17127
PT-LDO/3 T-6 (AT-6D) Esq BR Aviation ex 1573
PT-ZSL Su-31 private  
4413 F-8 (Meteor F8) preserved  
4328 TF-33 preserved  
4925/AN F-103D preserved  
8702 H-1H preserved  
4598 AT-26 preserved  
Two T-27s are now preserved in the EDA Fumaça hangar, hanging inverted from the roof! One is in the original red/white colour scheme and the other, ‘1’, in the latest version worn. The serials have eluded us so far. Believe it or not, for most Brazilians the mock-up of the JAS39E Gripen was the high light of the show! People were asked to bring 1 kg of food to distribute to the needy, 19 tons were assembled in that way.


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