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Porto Velho 2011

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Porto Velho Portões Abertos
Date:15 november 2011
5734 A-29A 2°/3°GAv 31400114
4873 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv/diamonds  
8953 AH-2 (Mi-35M) 2°/8°GAv 76658082
PR-HEL/Falcão 1 Schw.269C-1 Governo de Rondônia  
Flightline, south side:
5723, 5725 A-29A 2°/3°GAv  
5732 A-29A 2°/3°GAv  
5934, 5944 A-29B 2°/3°GAv  
2809 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
T-27 of EDA Fumaça:
1329/1, 1326/2, 1394/2, 1371/3, 1358/4, 1327/5, 1435/6, 1314/7
Sheds, south side, 2°/3°GAv:
5703, 5704, 5709, 5710 A-29A 2°/3°GAv  
5720, 5729, 5730 A-29A 2°/3°GAv  
5907, 5922, 5928, 5936 A-29B 2°/3°GAv  
Small hangar (closed):
5910, 5944 A-29B 2°/3°GAv  
Large shed north side, 2°/8°GAv:
8952 AH-2 (Mi-35M) std rotorless 76658081
8954, 8956 AH-2 (Mi-35M) std rotorless  
Flightline, north side:
2724 C-98A BAPV  
2805 C-105 1°/9°GAv  
8697 H-1H 2°/8°GAV  
8951, 8955 AH-2 (Mi-35M) 2°/8°GAv  
PT-EYB EMB810C Paraclub 76111354
A-29 wreck, N of 2°/8°GAv shed  
2465 +1 C-130M (1°/1°GT)  
4569 or 4478 AT-26 Pres. on base  
PR-DPF ERJ145ER Polícia Federal  
After the promising start at Boa Vista airshow, hopes were high for Porto Velho. I must say, it lived up to the expectations! All but 1 aircraft present were logged. However, construction of a second large hangar is well under way and that is going to house the AH-2 (Mi-35M) fleet, if they are ever going to accept the rest of them that is… This unit was still under a large open shed now. No sign of any H-50 (Squirrel), so these are probably not used anymore since the unit moved here from Recife. The second large hangar was used for, you have guessed it right, food courts! The Super Tucano fleet was therefore largely parked to the south of the new hangar with a handful out on the flightline and none under the main row of sheds. Unfortunately, the Mi-35 shed was off limits although somehow I got lost, so I could make another construction number. Later I saw that the c/n is on the red cover on the port side of the tail. Obviously, this is not fixed to the aircraft but the c/ns on there are almost surely delivered to Brazil. Three more c/ns were acquired in this way. Next to the Mi-35 shed was an A-29 wreck under a tarpaulin. This was the sole thing that remained unidentified. The show ended with a tropical downpour, an alleviating experience as it was basking all day, it provided a dark grey back drop for the Fumaça demo that was considerably shortened due to the incoming weather.
Terry McGreade, David Olliver, Edwin en Mark de Greeuw, Paul Andrews, Mr.Hornet, Pista 06, MAR, Scramble Message board, Malta Spotters site, Mori Masayoshi, Bill de Koning


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