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Abbotsford 1999

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Date: 8 August 1999

Made by:


85-0069  	B-1B		KS ANG 	"Home Improvement"
69-0022  	C-5A  		439th AW, AFRC
8-10961  	C-9A  		375th AW/932AW
60032  		KC-10A  	60thAMW/349AMW
84-0133  	C-21A  		AMC
88-4402  	C-130H  	95thAS 	"The Flying Badgers"
60-0322  	KC-135R 	434th AMW
65-0239  	C-141B  	62nd AW
72-129/HO 	F-4F  		49th FW
89-0481/WA 	F-15E  		57th WG
86-0190/WA 	F-15E  		57th WG
85-1409/AZ 	F-16C 		162nd FW
84-1265/AZ 	F-16C		162nd FW
93647/VN 	T-1A  		162nd FG
161885/NL 	EA-6B   	VAQ-133
162146/NK 	C-2A  		VRC-30
61197/RW 	UC-12B 		nn
161319/7S 	UC-12B 		nn
160128/NJ 	S-3B  		VS-41
163643/B 	T-45A  		TW-2
115456  	CC-115		nn
13803  		CC-138		nn
188913  	CF-188  	410 sq
188920  	CF-188  	410 sq
140118  	CP-140  	407 (MP) sqn
114102  	CT-114  	75yrs c/s 
133119  	CT-133  	414 sq, 75yrs c/s 
133577  	CT-133  	414 sq
142803  	CT-142   	402 sq
LX-N90442 	E-3A		NAEWF
N827SC  	A300B4-203F 	Int.Cargo Charter

188718  	CF-188  	75yrs c/s "Cougars" 
N104RD 		CF-104G 	RLB Aviation Inc
N104RB 		CF-104D 	RLB Aviation Inc
N312DM/G 	CM170   	Neill S Granley
C-FTNP  	A340-313 	Air Canada
C-FICB  	A300B4-203F	Int.Cargo Charter  

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