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Abbotsford 2008

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Date: 08-10 August 2008

Made by:


12440 			CH-124A 	443sq
13804                   CC-138 		440sq 
144616 			CC-144B 	412sq
188924                  CF-188B 	425sq
61-0008/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS
96-7322 		C-130H 		731st AS          
02-1463                 C-130J-30 	115th AS CA ANG
06-6154                 C-17A 		21st AS            
83-0043                 F-15C 		114th FS OR ANG    
86-0029                 KC-10A 		6th ARS           
60-0359                 KC-135R 	74th ARS         
95-0044/CB 		T-1A 		48th FTS
05-3812/XL 		T-6A 		84th FTS
6574 			MH-65C 		CGAS Port Angeles

115465 			CC-115 		442sq         
140101                  CP-140          407sq         
146444                  CH-146          408sq         
156108                  CT-156          NFTC          
188703                  CF-188          425sq spec c/s
188915                  CF-188B 	410sq        
88-1704/SJ 		F-15E 		334th FS
89-0394/SJ 		F-15E 		335th FS
166452/NJ-126 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
16..../NJ-122 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
CF-GME 			Harvard II 	ex Canada 3277 
CF-RFS                  Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20325
CF-WLO                  Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20264
C-GMFT                  Tiger Moth 	ex Canada 5875 
N25YK 			Let C11 	ex Egypt
N119DP 			SNJ-4 		ex Bu10206          
N497CA                  C212-200 	Fayard Enterprise
N965AD                  AD4NA 		ex Bu126965         
N1042B                  VB-25N 		ex 44-30823        
N7751T                  P-51D 		ex DomRep 1920      

The Snowbirds/431sq were present with these Tutors:
114050/1, 114089/2, 114051/4, 114131/4, 114090/5, 114058/7,
114109/8, 114081/9, 114141/10, 114172/11

The Thunderbirds were also present with codes:
F-16C: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 + one uncoded
F-16D: 4 + one uncoded

Conair platform:
C-GMGZ 			PA-60-600 	Conair
C-FEFK/74, C-FEFX/75 	Firecat 	Conair
C-FJOH/76, C-FOPY/69 	Firecat 	Conair

Tracker storage:
130326 			CC-130E 	wfu no wings
C-FKUQ, C-FKUR 		CP-121 		ex 12147, 12150
C-FKVD, C-FKVG          CP-121          ex 12168, 12173
C-FKVK, C-FKVP          CP-121          ex 12178, 12183
C-FKVQ, C-FKVS          CP-121          ex 12189, 12196
C-FKRA, C-FLQZ          CP-121          ex 12159, 12155
C-FLRB, C-FLRD          CP-121          ex 12165, 12166
C-FLRF, C-FLRH          CP-121          ex 12174, 12197
C-GHLY/46 		DC-6B 		std
C-FOPV, C-GWHK/2 	Firecat 	wfu
C-GWUO 			Firecat 	wfu
F-GPTM 			CRJ-100 	hulk only
The home base of Conair and its fleet of Firecats (upgraded
Trackers), Abbotsford is one of those airfields every propliner
freak should visit. During summer months, most Firecats are
dispersed around Western Canada to fulfil their fire-fighting duties,
so the air show is not the best opportunity to see them in
action, although the Tracker storage area is an attraction in
itself. Our local correspondent managed to visit the storage
area; hence we can give you an up to date report of the
local situation. This year, the show kept up with its reputation of
the largest air show in Western Canada, with some interesting
visitors from south of the border as well, that could be seen after
paying a $25 entrance fee. Unfortunately, the flying display
is backlit during most of the day, and making pictures of static
aircraft is impossible without framing other visitors.

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