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Borden 2008

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Date: 21-22 June 2008

Made by:


18194 			CF-100 Mk4A 	Military Museum
11308, 11310 		CH-113A 	CFSATE
114012/X, 114080/2 	CT-114 		CFSATE
116835 			CF-116D 	CFSATE
133443, 133540 		CT-133 		Military Museum
146479 			CH-146 		400sq
188707 			CF-188 		CFSATE
"136007" 		OH-58A 		i/a

CFSATE area:
114023, 114037 		CT-114 		CFSATE
114039, 114043/1 	CT-114          CFSATE
114049/10, 114062 	CT-114          CFSATE
114066, 114069 		CT-114          CFSATE
114087, 114112 		CT-114          CFSATE
114119, 114124 		CT-114          CFSATE
114134, 114139 		CT-114          CFSATE
114163, 114175 		CT-114          CFSATE
114178, 114181 		CT-114          CFSATE
114189 			CT-114          CFSATE
Both 114043 and 114049 were wearing Snowbirds c/s.

Inside Military Museum:
CF-CYC 			Avro 504K
114153 			CT-114
133623 			CT-133
4974 			DH82C

114091 			CT-114 		CFSATE

Recruiting display:
114164 			CT-114 		CFSATE           
116813                  CF-116D 	i/a fwd fuselage
188914                  CF-188B 	i/a fwd fuselage

CF-DHQ 			DH82C 		ex Canada 8869       
CF-ROA                  Harvard 4 	ex Canada 20451  
C-GVZB                  Spitfire Mk16 	ex RAF SL721
N497CA                  C212-200 	Fayard Enterprises

Flying only:
188703 			CF-188 		425sq spec c/s
188924 			CF-188B 	425sq

The Snowbirds/431sq were also present with their CT-114s:
114131/1    114089/2    114146/3    114149/4    114090/5
114141/6    114058/7    114109/8    114161/9         

CFB Borden, centre of Canadian Forces aeronautical education, held its 
biannual open house in the third weekend of June. Most of the CFSATE’s 
interesting collection of instructional airframes could be witnessed, 
as well as a limited flying display. Smaller aircraft used Borden 
disused runway, whereas the Hornets and Snowbirds found a home at nearby 
Lake Simcoe regional airport. On Sunday, the Harvard’s tail was slightly 
damaged by a crashing RC-model of the famous CF-105 Arrow, which narrowly 
missed the public. The public’s turnout for this day was enormous and 
could barely be handled properly, causing huge line-ups as well as many 
frustrated visitors.

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