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Carp 2005

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Date: 27/28 August 2005

Made by:


12419			CH-124A Mk2	12 Wing 
1141..	                CT-114		front fuselage  
133398	                CT-133		front fuselage  
146427	                CH-146		427sq           
156125	                CT-156		15 Wing         
C-FGBQ	                P3-05		ex Swiss A-817  
C-FWOL	                FwP149D		ex Germany 91+45
C-GBQB "MN352"		Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20352

146450			CH-146		439sq                
146462	                CH-146		427sq                
188719	                CF-188		410sq	spec , flying
C-FBPM	                Waco AT0	private      
C-FGKY	                Beech D17S	private      
C-GAHZ	                Bell 212	HT Corp      
C-GDUL	                HS748-2/215	First Air    
C-GFFY, C-GSIT		Bell 205A-1	HT School
C-GIOB, C-GJWL		Bell 206B	HT Corp
C-GVBZ			Spitfire LF16e	ex RAF SL721
C-GXPM			DHC-2 Mk1	private
N134JC			T-34A		ex 55-0255 
N351D			P-51D	        ex 44-73463
N3703G "124485"'	B-17G	        ex 44-83546
N10601			P-51D	        ex 44-73843
N54532 "5"		A-24B	        ex 42-54532
N65263			B75N1	        nn         

C-GBFA, C-GGNZ		HS748-2		First Air

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