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Carp 2008

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Date: 28-29 June 2008

Made by:


115456 		CC-115 		442sq
116813 		CF-116D 	i/a, fwd fuselage
12408 		CH-124A 	12 Wing
142803 		CT-142 		402sq spec c/s
156119 		CT-156 		NFTC
91-9143 	C-130H 		96th AS AFRC
C-FMFR 		Beech C90 	Allied Wings

CF-GKY 		Beech D17S 	VWC             
C-FMKA          Harvard II 	ex Canada 3222  
C-FNAH          Harvard II	ex Canada KH918 
C-FNDB          Harvard II 	ex Canada 3039  
CF-TPM          Hurricane Mk4 	ex KZ321     
CF-VPM          Mustang IV 	ex Canada 9575  
C-FWOL          P149D 		ex Germany 91+45     
C-GVZB          Spitfire Mk16 	ex SL721    
N139PJ          L-39C 		ex Russia 'Angel 7'  
N467CS          C212-200 	Fayard Enterprises
N27493          TB-25K 		as '327493'         
N9584Z          TBM-3E 		ex Bu85882          

Flying only:
140121 		CP-140A 	14 Wing
188703 		CF-188 		425sq spec c/s

The Snowbirds/431sq were also present with their CT-114s:
114131/1, 114089/2, 114146/3, 114149/4, 114090/5,
114141/6, 114058/7, 114109/8, 114161/9, 114019/10,
114081/11, 114009/12

After one year of absence due to a lack of sponsoring, the Ottawa
air show returned this year at nearby Carp airport, with
an interesting line-up. Apparently, funding is still a problem, as
the entrance fee was a staggering $32.50! Just imagine having
paid this fee only to find out that the flying displays for Saturday
were cancelled because of heavy rain and a low cloud base.
The second day of the show was blessed with good weather
conditions, allowing the warbirds to show off their great shapes
and sounds. Unfortunately, the flying display could only be
watched with backlight as the public is situated to the north
side of the runway and the south side of the airfield is closed
off completely.

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