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Comox 2003

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Date: 27 July 2003

Made by:


Main static:
68-0222			C-5A		337th AS AFRC            
79-1711		        KC-10A	        305th AMW            
99-1432		        CC-130J	        143rd AS RI ANG      
114115/3	        CT-114	        wfu	Snowbirds c/s
115457		        CC-115	        442sq                
133102	                TE-133	        wfu                  
140114	                CP-140	        14 wing	spec mks     
149904	                CH-149	        442sq                
C-FDOH	                S-61N	        Coastguard           
C-FLBT	                DHC-1B-2	ex Canada '18065'
C-FWBS	                T-6J		ex 52-8608               
C-GPCD	                Beech 200	Coastguard       
C-GTTI	                T-28B		ex Bu140004              
N41J	                Vampire F3	ex Canada 17031  

Fighter static:
92-0366/OT		F-15E		422nd TES           
86-0360/CO	        F-16C	        120th FS CO ANG
87-0241/CO	        F-16C	        120th FS CO ANG
98-3034/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS        
68-7984/VN	        T-37B	        8th FTS        
61-0899/MY	        T-38C	        49th FS        
12436		        CH-124A	        443sq          
155204	                CT-155	        NFTC           
188904	                CF-188B	        410sq          
C-FMTA	                Harvard Mk2	ex RCAF 2591
C-GGRP	                L-29		'30 bk'	0935705     

IMP hangar:
149901, 149907		CH-149		442sq

Hangar 1:
11307			CH-113A		i/a

80-0020/EG, 80-0028/EG	F-15C		60th FS          
115462			CC-115	        442sq            
140103			CP-140	        407(MP)sq        
146464, 146466		CH-146	        408sq            
146478, 146496		CH-146	        408sq            
149902, 149905		CH-149	        442sq            
188720			CF-188	        410sq	tiger mks
188906			CF-188B	        410sq	spec mks 
C-FCRN/747		S-64E	        ex USA 68-18456  
CF-EZI			Navion		as '46399/LD-399'
C-GWWJ	                B727-204	Westjet  
C-GYIY	                Navion		as 'FB'	NAV-4-779
N4RC	                SNJ-6	        ex 44-81948      
N97TR	                SNJ-4	        ex Bu27851       
N154CF	                SNJ-5	        ex Bu51985       
N416RG	                Yak-18	        as 'FLARF-01999' 
N9012Y	                AT-6D	        ex 42-85501      
N13372	                SNJ-4	        ex Bu27756       

CT-114 Snowbirds/431sq:
114009/1	114172/2	114145/3	114076/4
114099/5	114019/6	114035/7	114089/8
114085/9	114146/10	114173/11

Flying only:
..-..../HO		F-117A		8th FS
1x			CH-149		nn
1x			P-51		nn

115451, 115465		CC-115		442sq
133119			TE-133		std	fuselage only  
C-FPCV	                Beech 1900C	Pacific Coastal
C-GWJK	                B737-269	Westjet        
C-GWKF	                B727-243	Flightcraft    
C-GPCW	                Sh360		Pacific Coastal        
C-GYWJ?	                B737-200	Westjet        

Gate guard:
101057			CF-101B		pres	spec mks

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