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Hamilton 1980

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Date: June 1980

Made by:


CF-DLC		Fleet 21M 		Falls Aviation Ltd.
NC21729         C-47                                                        
N7986C          T-6                     EAA Museum       TORA TORA TORA conversion
NX3PP           Corsair
N6310T          P-51                    
N51WT           P-51 
N5449V          P-51                    Scott Smith, Orlando
N91U            P-51                    photo in March 78 A/C Illustrated
N988C           P-51                    Bob Ferguson
N9456Z          B-25                    "Briefing Time"  (Catch 22 movie)    photo in Jan.81 A/C Illustrated
C-GCWM         	B-25      
C-GCWX         	Corsair
NX68HP          Corsair                	H. Pardue
NL34FF          P-51                    Bill Clarke
N19SF           Sea Fury
N2251D          P-51                    photo in April 76 A/C Illustrated
CF-FUZ          P-51
N6831C          Avenger               	86123
C-GCWG          Avenger              	91450    Canadian Warplane Heritage
N9586Z          Avenger                	85886
N53503          Avenger                	53503   Confederate Air Force   photo March 78 A/C Illustrated
                T-6                     painted as USAF 48884
N51TK           P-51                    Tom Kelly, Indiana
                P-51                    olive & grey with a G on it
N6327T          P-51
N54532          Dauntless
CF-UUU          Harvard                 20213
 CF-VCJ         Harvard                 20415
CF-RZU          Harvard
N30FF           P-51D                   45-11559
N681S           Wildcat                 Confederate Air Force
C-FWGA          Harvard                 20377
                T-6                     grey & red U.S. aircraft, flew in late
CF-NAW          Boeing 737              NORDAIR   took off in front of line
138358          T-28B                   U.S.N.  VT-6    E 207
54517           C-123K                  USAF Reserve  Columbus, Ohio  
AF/78 642       A-10                    Mass. Air Guard
N50AN           Shorts 330              Air North
AF/78 670       A-10                    New York  Air Guard
10963           C-130B                  Ohio Air Guard
161003          P-3C                    U.S. Navy  VP-23  LJ 3
160384          F-14A                   U.S. Navy  VF-84   AJ 204
37838           C-130E                  USAF    314th TAW   63-7838
153300          CH-53A                  MARINES     MT 404
160126          S-3A                    U.S.N.  VS-33   NH 700
CF-WJB-X       	Otter                   AIRTECH CANADA    PZL 35 engine conversion
N1059D          Hughes 500D        	company demonstrator
C-GCIN          Wilga 80                AIRTECH CANADA   
C-FCAE          Bell 47                 passenger trips over flight line
N10LL           Lazer 200               U.S. aerobatic champ
133610          T-33                    Canadian Forces
133491          T-33                    Canadian Forces
130321          C-130                   Canadian Forces      436 Squadron
CF-ZUZ          glider
C-GNDM          Boeing 737             	NORDAIR
C-FDJB          Fox Moth                WARDAIR
                Fleet Finch             Canadian actor Paul Soles
N3774           B-25                    43-3634  was also R.C.A.F.   KL148
N289RD          T-28                    140576             civilian                                   
                T-28                    marks painted out
N28100          T-28                    civilian
                Pitts Special           Canadian Reds
                Pitts Special           Canadian Reds
N92034          A-1 Skyraider           bare metal, Sweedish target tow gear still attached
155029     1    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
154179     2    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
154986     3    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
154176     4    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
155033     5    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
154983     6    A-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.   Blue Angels 
158722     7    TA-4 Skyhawk          	U.S.N.  Blue Angels press aircraft
9806            C-130                   MARINES   Blue Angels aircraft
155662          A-6E                    U.S.Navy  VA-128   NJ 809
160462          T-34C                   U.S.N.    TAW-5   E 462
C-FLLF          Beech 18                Condor   tricycle-gear, piston engines
C-GBLI          Beech 18               	Condor   tail wheel, turbine engines
0-38546         UH-1B Huey             	N.Y. Army Guard   c   Albany, N.Y.
72-21336        OH-58A Kiowa        	U.S. Army Reserve,se, N.Y.
69-16040        Hughes OH-6A       	Army National Guar
69-15954        UH-1H Huey            	regular Army   For N.Y.
C-FLIZ          Bell 47                 radio station CHML
N59768          Stearman
C-GQUU          Pitts Special
C-GYSO          glider
C-GCGW        	mono-Zenith             homebuilt
C-FGHB          tri-Zenith              homebuilt
                Lazair                  acetate covered, two tiny engines
                Bensen Autogyro
C-GQUS          Pazmany PL-2            homebuilt
CF-XAD          Parasport               homebuilt
CF-VQX          Aeronca K
CF-RFG         	Corben Jr. Ace
Canadian Warplane Heritage hangar
3396            Yale
CF-HOT          Anson
N8600           biplane
7862            Cessna Crane
                Anson            	bare wood
WH632           Fairey Firefly
                Fleet Fort
18506           CF-100   		Air Cadets
C-GCWT          Tiger Moth
CF-POW          Chipmunk     		18035
FM213           Lancaster

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