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Hamilton 2007

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Date: 16/17 June 2007

Made by:


104790		CF-104		as "104756"      
116757	        CF-116	        preserved     
811	        DHC-5D	        std ex SudanAF
J-1145	        Vampire FB6	as "A-AP"
NX549FM	        CM170		as "208/312-TY"  

C-FAIU		PT-17		ex 41-8621             
C-FBXK	        CT-120		ex Canada 12041        
CF-FLC	        Spitfire LF9c	ex MK912       
C-FGAT	        Sea Fury FB10	ex Iraq 324    
CF-PQL	        Canso A		ex Canada 11084        
C-FPUG	        T-28C		ex 146279              
C-FVMG	        Harvard IV	ex Canada 20412
C-GCWC	        Cornell II	ex Canada 10835
C-GCWM	        B-25J		ex 45-8883             
C-GDAK	        DC-3-201B	as "KN456"     
C-GVRA	        Lancaster XMR	ex FM213       
C-GWCT	        Tiger Moth	ex Canada 8922 
C-GZCE	        Beech D18S	as "143/BAE"   
N51EA	        P-51D		ex Canada 9554         
N240CA	        F4U-4B		ex 97359               
Father's Day could be celebrated with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 
in Hamilton. The days of large air shows featuring modern aircraft and multiple 
demo teams appear to be over here and the main focus is now on the superb museum 
collection and visiting local warbirds, contributing to a relaxed atmosphere. 
The abovementioned aircraft all flew from the main museum area, visiting cargo 
aircraft at the rest of the airport were not noted. Aircraft preserved inside the 
museum are omitted from this report. The public was situated south of the runway, 
allowing good photographic opportunities of the flying demonstrations.

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