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Hamilton 2013

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Hamilton Air show
Date: 15 june 2013
‘648’ 133648? CT-133 forward fuselage only  
23651 CL-13B Sabre 6 Golden Hawks c/s  
100785 CF-100 5D pres  
101045 CF-101B 416sq mks  
104790 CF-104D pres as 104756, tiger c/s  
811, Sudan AF DHC-5D pres as 115461, UN c/s  
116757 CF-116A pres  
130307 CC-130E 424sq  
Unmarked (133275?) CT-133                Silver, with red tiptanks    
142806 CT-142                402sq    
146422 CH-146 nb  
188917 CF-188B 425sq  
C-FBOY Beech A65           Hal Air    
(C-FHOT) Anson V CWH “12417”  
CF-LKD Lockheed 12A    
(C-FPUG) T-28C “BM-279” “Dianne”  
(C-FUDH) CS2F-2 CWH  bare metal, no rudder.  
CF-UUU Harvard IV CWH “20213/213”  
C-GKOL T-28C 146260”  
(C-GCWO) Bolingbroke IVT CWH no wings, restoration  
C-GSBR CL-13A Sabre 5 23314” “Golden Hawks”  
(F-WQON TBM-3 Avenger CWH no wings, restoration  
(J-1145 Vampire FB.6 CWH “AA-P”  
(N433RD CT-133 133579” 439 Sqn  
130602 CC-130J 436 Sqn  
140107 CP-140 407 Sqn  
156120 CT-15 NFTC  
188797 CF-188 425 Sqn $
C-FDAF Fleet 16R replica  
C-FEWL Nieuport 28 .1 replica   “6159”   
C-FMKA Harvard II “3222/53”  
C-FNAH Harvard II “2918” “KH-918”  
C-FNDB Harvard IIb “3039/039”  
C-FPOW/ DHC-1 CWH  “18035/035”  
C-FSOP Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter  “9739/17”    
CF-TPM Hurricane IV “KZ321/JV-N”  
C-FVMG Harvard IV CWH  “20412/412/5”  
C-GBDG Firefly AS.6 CWH  “VH142/BD-G”  
C-GCWC Fleet Cornell CWH  “10835/78”  
C-GCWL Lysander CWH  
C-GCWM B-25J CWH  “VO-F”  
C-GCWT DH-82C CWH “8922”  
C-GFJK Fokker DR.1 Replica   “477/17”  
C-GRJC SE.5A replica “C1904”  
C-GVRA Lancaster 10MR CWH  “KB726/VR-A”  
C-GVWC Corsair FG.1D “KD658/X-115”  
C-GVZB Spitfire LF.XVIe “SL721/AU-J”  
C-GZCE Beech D.18S CWH  
N114KA Mosquito “KA114/EG-Y”  
N262MF Me-262 replica   
N447FW FW.190 A-8/N “White 11”   
N730MJ Spitfire HF.IXe “MJ730/GZ”  
N9109R Beech C.18S    
N23827 AD-4 Skyraider “123827/B-501” VA-195  
CT-114 of the 431sq/Snowbirds:
114032/1, 114090/2, 114172/3, 114058/4, 114050/5, 114081/6
114089/7, 114009/8, 114143/9, 114149/10, 114141/(11)
Snoiwbird numbers 6, 10 and 11 did not fly.
The C-GDAK was wearing military registration KN583/X on the right side and KN458/Z on the left.
ouitside museum:
104641 CF-104D pole mounted  
N417UP B757-24APF UPS  
C-FCJF B727-223(F) Cargojet  
C-FIWJ, C-FWBW B737-7CT Westjet  
C-FKCJ B757-236(F) Cargojet  
C-FMCJ B767-233(F) Cargojet  
C-FWBW, C-FWSI B737-7CT Westjet  
C-GAJS Learjet 35A Can. Global flight ambul.  
C-GKFD DC-10-30(F) Kelowna Flightcraft/std  
C-GLNL Learjet 35A private  
VP-BAJ B727-30 Mohawk College GIA  
Although not part of the airshow, these aircraft were included in the overview to indicate that more nice cargo aircraft can be seen at this airport. The preserved CF-105 wich was present at the parking has recently been removed.


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