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Lethbridge 1997

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Date: 17 August 1997

Made by: David Robins


114148                  CT114           2CFFTS
114173                  CT114           2CFFTS
142804                  CT142           402SQN
146465                  CH146           408SQN
188735                  CF18A           410SQN
84-0115                 C21A            12AS
73-1583/DM              EC130H          43ECS/355WG
58-0080                 KC135E          191ARS/151ARG/UT ANG
67-0007                 C141B           62AW
161350/NJ662            EA6B            VAQ129
20474                   HARVARD IV      CFXEX
15 WHT                  MIG15           N15PE
43-4538/BC538/T         A26             N34538

114159                  CT114           2CFFTS
114012/1                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114080/2                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114156/3                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114011/5                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114174/6                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114172/7                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114035/8                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114099/9                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114164/10               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114049/11               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114076/12               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114041/12               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
115452                  CC115           442SQN
133546                  CT133           417SQN
140104                  CP140           407SQN
188762                  CF18A           410SQN
275/G                   CM170           N312DM

Flying only:
83-0071/DY              B1B             7BW

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