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Lethbridge 2009

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Date: 12 July 2009

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12440  			CH-124 		443Sqn           
130342                  CC-130H (KC) 	CF               
142805                  CT-142 		402sqn           
155208                  CT-155 		NFTC             
156106                  CT-156 		NFTC             
156121                  CT-156 		NFTC             
188910                  CF-188B 	409Sqn           
188914                  CF-188B 	Cockpit only     
04-4131 	        C-17A 		6th AS           
86-24548 	        UH-60A 		Homeland Security
C-CVTI 		        N2S-3 		ex USN "456"
C-FMFX 		        KA C90A 	Allied Wings     
C-FVYF 		        Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20243  
C-GOZA 		        L-39 		as 138           
C-GSWS 		        Expediter 3NM 	ex Canada 2382   
C-GYCJ 		        CJ-6 		ex Cambodian mks 
N5446 		        Tiger Moth                       
NX18048 	        Chipmunk 	ex Canada 18048  

114019 			CT-114 		431sq 		#         
188719 		        CF-188 		410sqn 		&        
78-0712/DM 	        A-10C 		357th FS         
80-0279/DM 	        A-10A 		357th FS         
NX717MG 	        LiM-5 		ex Poland 1210   
N515MG 		        MiG-15UTI 	ex Polans 638
N212TB  155226/B300 	T2B 		ex 155226/B300
C-GSBR 			Sabre 5 	ex Canada 23304 #
NL151HR  41-4711 	P51D 		ex USAAF 44-74524
CF-VIR 			Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20334
# = Golden Centennaires mks
& = 100 years of Canadian Flight mks

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