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London 1992

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Date: 6/7 June 1992

Made by:


11308 		CH-113A 	424Sqdn
114147/X	CT-114 		AETE
116740 		CF-5A 		418Sqdn
12405 		CH-124A 	423Sqdn
133102 		CT-133 		VU-33  
133579          CT-133 		414Sqdn
136224          CH-136          411Sqdn
136228          CH-136          400Sqdn
140107          CP-140          415Sqdn
142801          CC-142          402Sqdn
144613          CC-144          412Sqdn
188921          CF-18B          433Sqdn
40+41 		Alphajet 	JBG41
40+51 		Alphajet 	JBG41
44+90 		Tornado 	JBG33
45+70 		Tornado 	JBG33
5330 "01"	Mig 29C 	Ukraine A/F 
03021006 "02" 	Mig 29UB 	Ukraine A/F 
81-0940/PA 	OA-10A 		103FS/PA ANG
60-0024         B-52H 		416Wing                   
86-0013         C-5B 		436AW                      
79-1950         KC-10A 		22ARW                    
84-0155         C-12F 		457AS                     
85-0040         C-130H 		357AS/AFRES              
57-1465         KC-135E 	168ARS/AK ANG           
63-8084         C-141B 		63AW                     
66-0428         RF-4C 		173RS/NE ANG              
71-0291         F-15B 		McDD                      
73-0089         F-15A 		128FS/GA ANG
75-0078         F-15A 		128FS/GA ANG
75-0031/TY      F-15A 		325FW
75-0082/TY      F-15A 		325FW
80-0020/AK      F-15C           3Wing
82-0028         F-15C           3Wing
81-0055/WA      F-15C           57FW
86-0162/EG      F-15C           33FW
86-0169/EG      F-15C           33FW
81-0063/WA      F-15D           57FW
87-0175/LF      F-15E           58FW
88-1706/SJ      F-15E           4Wing
89-0500/SJ      F-15E           4Wing
90-0250/AK      F-15E           3Wing
90-0252/AK      F-15E           3Wing
80-0542         F-16A           171FS/MI ANG
80-0570         F-16A           171FS/MI ANG
87-0356/LF      F-16C           58FW
88-0524/LF      F-16C           58FW
69-6506/CC      F-111G 		27FW
84-0826/TR      F-117A 		37FW
85-0820/TR      F-117A 		37FW (flying only)  
58-1953 	T-37B 		71FTW
68-8130         T-38A 		71FTW
160432/CY-07	EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
163400/NJ-931   EA-6B 		VAQ-129
154169/WK-510   A-6E 		VMA(AW)-224
161665/AE-510   A-6E 		VMA(AW)-332
148891/BH       KC-130F 	VMGR-252
158615/AF-207   F-14A 		VF-202                  
164656/CE-05    FA-18D 		VMA(AW)-225
163068/BJ-533   MH-53E 		HM-14
152750          P-3C 		VXN-8 
164157/E-157    T-34C 		TW-5
164158/E-158    T-34C 		TW-5
163179/WH-07    AV-8B 		VMA-542
163199/WH-15    AV-8B 		VMA-542
155468/ER-06    OV-10D 		VMO-1
6010 		HH-60J 		USCG Traverse City
6580            HH-65A 		USCG Detroit      

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