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Ottawa-Rockcliffe 2006(2)

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Date: 17 September 2006

Made by:


CF-BSY		Bell7GCBC	VWoC            
CF-DHQ	        DH82C		VWoC	as 8869         
CF-RRI	        DHC-1B-2-S5	private         
C-GXPM	        DHC-2 Mk1	VWoC            
CF-GBV	        Harvard IV	NAM	as 20387

140120		CP-140A		14 Wing                   
146455	        CH-146		427sq                     
188734	        CF-188		425sq                     
188785	        CF-188		425sq                     
C-FWOL	        FwP149D		private	as 91+45 *        
C-GFLR	        Harvard IIb	private	as ER992 *
C-FDNL	        Hurricane XII	private	as P2970 *
CF-TPM	        Hurricane Mk4	VWoC	as KZ321 *
C-GVRA	        Lancaster XMR	CWM	as KB726  
CF-VPM	        Mustang IV	VWoC	as KH661 *
C-GVZB	        Spitfire LF16e	VWoC	as SL721 *
* = landed after the flypass

120076		He162A-2	u/r

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