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Red Deer 1997

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Date: 3 August 1997

Made by: David Robins


12407                   CH124A          443SQN
130341                  CC130H          435SQN
133592                  CT133           417SQN
13805                   CC138           440SQN
140104                  CP140           407SQN
142804                  CT142           402SQN
146465                  CH146           408SQN
188923                  CF18B           410SQN
5935                    DH82C           CFCLH
12927                   CC129           CFROD
16706                   L19A            CFSHU
18015                   DHC1            CFCYO
18052                   DHC1            CFBXH
20307                   HARVARD IV      CFFBD
20474                   HARVARD IV      CFXEX
N9151                   DH82A           CGABB

114012/1                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114080/2                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114156/3                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114188/4                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114011/5                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114174/6                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114172/7                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114035/8                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114099/9                CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114164/10               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
114049/11               CT114           SNOWBIRDS
133490                  CT133           417SQN
188762                  CF18A           410SQN
44-83872/V-XP/L         B17G            N7227C
38                      NA50            N250NA
29                      YAK11           N11MQ

20370                   HARVARD IV      GATE

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