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Red Deer 2001

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Date: 4 August 2001

Made by:


12417		CH-124A		12 Wing
133500		CT-133 AUP	417sq
139307/C-FTHM	CH-139		3 CFFTS/CATC
146492		CH-146		408sq
155213		CT-155		NFTC/419sq
156124		CT-156		NFTC
188907		CF-188B		AETE
84-0091		C-21A		311th AF
C-FSHU		Ce305A		as L-19A "16706"
C-GBUI/86	CL-13B Mk6	Air Spray
C-GSOY		Ce305A		as L-19A "16719"
C-GWLT/98	A-26B		ex USAAF 44-34778

Hangar display:
C-FCYO		DHC-1		ex 18015
C-FRAF		N2S-5		ex 61046
C-GABB		DH82A		ex RAF N9151

Displayed outside the ATC tower:
20370		Harvard IV	preserved

C-GPNW/CF-ROD	CC-129		ex 12927

188796		CF-188		410sq, special c/s
188910		CF-188B		410sq
N97TR		AT-6C		Golden Hawks c/s
And the Snowbirds with the following CT-114 Tutors:
114078/1   114099/2   114019/3   114076/4   114104/5
114159/6   114172/7   114173/8   114174/9   114012/11

Flying only:
XV248		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW
C-FCBK/11	B-26C		ex USAAF 44-35661
C-FPGP/2	B-26C		ex USAAF 44-35898

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