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Rockcliffe 2008

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Date: 23-24 August 2008

Made by:


156125 		CT-156 		NFTC                   
C-FAPG          N2S-2 		as 3645                 
C-FBNM          CT-120 		ex Canada 12054        
C-FCYR          CT-120 		ex Canada 18017        
C-FCDH          PT-17 		ex 40-1840              
CF-DHQ          DH82C 		ex Canada 8869          
C-FGAT          Sea Fury FB10 	ex Iraq 324     
CF-GKY          Beech D17S 	VWC                
CF-ROA          Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20451    
CF-TCC          Lockheed 10A 	Air Canada       
CF-TPM          Hurricane Mk4 	ex Canada KZ321 
C-FUWM          PT-13B 		ex 41-852              
CF-VPM          Mustang IV 	ex Canada 9575     
C-FWOL          P149D 		ex Germany 91+45        
C-FXMI          CJ-6A 		ex China                
C-FYPM          DH83C 		VWC                     
C-GDAK          DC-3-202A 	as "KZ456/Z"        
C-GEGH          Ce421B 		Cord Master            
C-GFLA          PC-12/45 	RCMP                 
C-GTSC          PA-32R-300 	Girvan Patterson   
C-GVWC          FG-1D 		as "KD658/115"          
C-GVZB          Spitfire Mk16 	ex Canada SL721
C-GXPM          DHC-2 Mk1 	ex Kenya 111        
C-GYAC          CJ-6A 		ex China                
N42BT 		Harvard IV 	ex Canada 20228
N54JH 		PT-13 		ex 42-17440
N402E 		G-44A 		Lost In Time
N497CA 		C212-200 	Fayard Enterprise
N53146 		PT-22 		as "909"
For the third year in a row, the Classic Air Rally was organized
at Rockcliffe, home of the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa.
Apparently, the organisation took lesson from last year’s
disappointing show, and managed to persuade many warbirds
and classics to come to the historic airfield. The event was
blessed with great weather allowing excellent photographic opportunities.
Although a little overpriced at $20, this seems to be
the usual fee for North American shows nowadays. Some finetuning
took place with Vintage Wings of Canada from Gatineau
(Que.), right across the river, as the latter decreased its number
of free open houses this year, which will surely have benefitted
attendee numbers of the Air Rally.

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