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Saskatoon 2000

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Date: 18-20 August 2000

Made by:


78-0584/ID	A-10A		190th FS ID ANG
69-0026		C-5A		60th AMW
84-0139		C-21A		375th AW
88-26107/PD	HH-60G		304th RS
89-26198/PD	HH-60G		304th RS (inside C-5A)
58-1906/RA	T-37B		12th FTW
70-1951/RA	T-38A		12th FTW "560FTS"
161200/G-305	TC-12B		TW-4/VT-35
161312/7H	UC-12B		NAS Fallon
133500		CT-133		417sq
13805		CC-138		440sq
142804		CT-142		402sq
146461		CH-146		408sq
188912		CF-188B		416sq
N5584N		B-25H		‘43-4106’ "Barbie III"

Hot ramp:
115451		CC-115		442sq
146416		CH-146		417sq
188796		CF-188		410sq, spec c/s
188918		CF-188B		410sq

And the Snowbirds with the following CT-114s:
114006/1	114135/2	114035/3	114145/4
114142/5	114174/6	114173/7	114104/8
114019/9	114010/10	114099/11	114049/15

Visitor 18th only:
146466		CH-146		408sq

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