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Shearwater 2003

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Date: 06 September 2003

Made by:

Updated: 5 November 2004

68-0211			C-5A		337th AS AFRC    
86-0415		        C-130H	        758th AS AFRC    
92-1538		        C-130H	        187th AS WY ANG  
84-1287		        F-16C	        134th FS VT ANG  
164952/DW-207	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-251         
164978/DW-201	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-251         
158843/F-23	        T-39G	        TW-6/VT-86       
12403, 12412	        CH-124A	        12 Wing          
12441		        CH-124B	        12 Wing	in hangar
101063		        CF-101B	        preserved        
140117		        CP-140	        14 Wing          
156124		        CT-156	        NFTC             
945		        HUP3	        SAM, ex 51-16621 
126402/100	        F2H-3	        SAM, ex VX10     
1501		        CS2F-1	        SAM              
114075/7	        CT-114	        SAM, ex Snowbirds
116832		        CF-116D	        SAM, ex 419sq    
12157		        CP-121	        SAM              
85861/TF-D	        TBM-3E	        SAM              
PP462		        Firefly FR1	SAM	in hangar
C-GMBD/903	        Beech C90A	CATC
1x			NH-90		mock-up? (Army c/s)             
SAM = Shearwater Aviation Museum

44+32, 44+55		Tornado IDS	JBG38
89-2085/OH, 89-2109/OH	F-16CG		112th FS OH ANG
89-2114/OH, 89-2151/-	F-16CG		112th FS OH ANG
161118/AF-502		EA-6B		VAQ-209
161775/AF-503		EA-6B		VAQ-209
....../RM-..		EA-6B		VMAQ-4
163540			E-2C		nn
165814/AA-602		E-2C		VAW-125
153962			CH-46		USMC
154810			CH-46		USMC
162135/HP-452		SH-60B		HSL-44
156507/PR-31		EP-3E		VQ-1
160152, 160581		S-3B		VS-30?
165970/F, 165972/F	T-6A		TW-6
2141			HU-25C+		USCG Cape Cod
114173/11 + codes 1-10	CT-114		431sq/Snowbirds
115456			CC-115		442sq
146407			CH-146		403sq
188709 +1		CF-188		425sq
1x			KC-135R		nn
3x			CH-124		nn
1x			CP-140		nn
1x			NH-90		mock-up? (Navy c/s)

And the Snowbirds with the following CT-114 Tutors:
114009	114019	114076	114085	114089
114099	114146	114172	114173	114174

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