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St Hubert 1991

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Date: 8 June 1991

Made by:


152641/WK-501	A-6E		VMA(AW)-224		MCAS Cherry Pt
162939/CY-16	EA-6B		VMAQ-2			MCAS Cherry Pt
160709/NL-624	EA-6B		VAQ-134			NAS Whidbey IS
78-0595/MB	A-10A		354TFW	353TFS		Myrtle Beach AFB
78-0668/MB	A-10A		354TFW	353TFS 		Myrtle Beach AFB
79-0195/EL	A-10A		23TFW  75TFS		England AFB
80-0140/EL	A-10A		23TFW  75FTS		England AFB
87-0033		C-5B		436MAW			Dover AFB
161321/7C	UC-12B		Base Flt		NAS Norfolk
84-0077		C-21A		1402MAS			Andrews AFB
85-0038		C-130H		908TAG	357TAS		Maxwell AFB
83-0493		LC-130H		109TAG	139TAS	NY ANG
130326		CC-130E		435SQ ?			CFB Edmonton ?
65-9400		C-141B						?
159107-600	E-2C		VAW-125			NAS Norfolk
72-0135/TX	F-4E		924TFG	704TFS		Bergstrom AFB
73-0184/TX	F-4E		924TFG	704FTS		Bergstrom AFB
160901/AC-207	F-14A		(USS JFK) VF-32		NAS Oceana
82-0996/SA	F-16A		149TFG	182TFS	TX ANG
83-1094/SA	F-16A		149TFG	182TFS	TX ANG
89-2120/SW	F-16C		363TFW	33TFS		Shaw AFB
89-2142/SW	F-16C		363TFW	33TFS		Shaw AFB
116765		CF-116		419SQ?		
188730		CF-118A		425SQ			CFB Bagotville
188902		CF-118B		425SQ			CFB Bagotville 
86-0035		KC-10A		68ARW			Seymour Johnson AFB
62-3508		KC-135R	  	42BW			Loring AFB
161014/JA-05	P-3C		VX-1			NAS Pax. River
153555/F-864	T-2B		TAW-6			NAS Pensacola
155232/F-858	T-2B		TAW-6			NAS Pensacola
157038/B-312	T-2C		VT-23			NAS Kingsville
158603/B-318	T-2C		VT-23			NAS Kingsville
......*		TA-4J						
164168/E-168	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
162269/F-71	T-34C		TAW-6			NAS Pensacola
162272/F-74	T-34C		TAW-6			NAS Pensacola
60-0189/OK	T-37B		71FTW  8FTS		Vance AFB
64-13293/OK	T-38A		71FTW  25FTS		Vance AFB
114030-030	CT-114		2CFFTS			CFB Moose Jaw
133352		CT-133		VU-32			CFB Shearwater
133656		CT-133		VU-32			CFB Shearwater
74-22332	UH-1H		VT NG
1471		HH-3F		USCG
67-16616	OH-6A		VT NG
162498/DH-444	MH-53E		HM-12			NAS Norfolk
162340/HP-447	SH-60B		HSL-44			NAS Mayport
162349/42	SH-60B		VX-1			NAS Pax. River
164097/JA-45	SH-60F		VX-1			NAS Pax. River
113116		CH-113		?
118106		CH-118		? (rescue)
12417		CH-124		?
136212/212	CH-136		?

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